Sunday, July 26, 2015

Making the Mind Personal – Day 468

I have as of recently being looking at this point in my process where I have been making my mind more then it really is, where I stress and go into great emotions based on what is coming up within me as my thoughts, reactions, and behavior in my life. I realize this is the purpose of the mind, so from that perspective, I am acting just as I programmed it. And this is the point that I have been starting to realize more and more as it has been said over many times throughout my process walking with Desteni, this understanding that what is coming up in relation to myself and how I am thinking or behaving is programs, it is not personal in terms of it does not define me as a being, it is what has been programmed over time by myself without really realizing or having the tools to support myself to stop it.

Now walking the desetni I process, I have learned much about my own mind and the programs that I have created for myself, every so now and then, I get through a point or am faced with a point that really challenges my stand within this understanding of what I am experiencing is just programs, they are not really who I am. These programs come with energy, so it’s not only thoughts that I have to let go of in terms of reacting to them, I also have to let go of the energy that is attached to these thoughts. This has been a challenge due to the fact that the energy feels so real and feels so intense, and the immediate belief and idea of what is happening is that this is real, I need to react in this energy, I need to react to these thoughts and participate in them because this is really how it is, but through time and through my own investigation in writing and my correction process, I realize beyond this belief and idea of what is real, that reality is always here stable, physical, and in a way that is factual and able to be mathematically understood. 

Though, this realizing of the fact that I am not my mind or my programs in the sense that I can change myself, reprogram myself to live in a way that is best for all, and I can really move beyond what I think I could do through realizing that what is coming up as patterns of thoughts can be changed, the emotions that exist in moments can be let go of, and the behavior can be reformed into living that is supportive for myself and others to live more harmoniously and cohesively. It’ll take work and dedication, this is for sure, though the beliefs I have created about myself and what my mind has brought up at times that I don’t want to accept, is not to be taken personally, but understood that it’s just a programmed system. It’s not personal, it’s not defining me, I can only define myself and so I realize I can create myself in a new way. This is what desteni is about and why we are here, it’s a point to give a platform to support us to walk a reprogramming process of how self created myself through time and direct myself into a new way of life that is within principles that are one and equal with life and best for everyone, so the opportunity to live to our utmost potential is here. This I am grateful for, we are not defined by anything but by who we are in each moment, and this is a self creation process, so let’s create of ourselves in what is best and walk the process this will take until it is done, this is my focus.

Self Forgiveness and self commitments to follow in my next blog, thanks for reading.

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