Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Update: How I Have Been Letting Go of Self Judgment - Day 442

Updating on my process of letting go of self judgment, this I have walked in many blogs and vlogs. Thanks.

"Here I speak on some points on how I have started to walk the self judgment of myself to a point of letting it go. What tools and support have I used to help identify and let go of these triggers that send me in the downward spiral of the consequences of judging myself? And how I am continuing to walk this transcendence of living with self compromise to become a self directed human being?"

Some Blogs I have written on self judgment:
Day 281 – Self Judgment – The Point I don’t Want to Face
Day 282 – Self Judgment – Fueling the Imprisonment of Self as the Mind
Day 283 – Self Judgment – Judging My Physical – The ‘Flawed’ Eye
Day 284 – Self Judgment – Judging My Physical – The ‘Flawed’ Eye – Self Commitments to Live – Part 1

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