Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 222 – Sports and Me Self Commitments to Live

I commit myself to when and as I go into a point of competition in where I see that I am more skilled within what I am doing with others I stop and breath, and do not participate until I am stable and just physically moving, doing the activity, in being aware of my movements and stopping all points of going into my ego in trying to be better or see myself as better.

I commit to stop these actions through stopping the thought patterns of going into comparison and walking in equality by living in my living equal to others through my words and actions.

I commit myself to let go of this idea that I have to win to be worthy, when and as this idea comes up, I let it go and breath through the reactions to follow it, I move myself physically and speak that I do nt accept this view any longer, I am equal, life is here.

I commit myself to move in the physical as the physical in self enjoyment, letting go and breathing through the desire to compete based on trying to win, I let go of this desire to win and allow myself to just be here in my body and move as me as the physical.

I commit to stop defining myself by if I win or lose in sports, and walk the point of the physical activity, the physical movement, to circulate my body and give it exercise for it to be balanced.

I commit myself to walk the point of equalizing myself within my living through stopping these points of definition from competition, when and as I see I am going into a competitive nature towards a point in my world, I let it go and walk the common sense to equalize myself with what it is I was trying to compete with, to change my pattern and thus live the change until it’s here as me.

I commit myself to stop all ideas and definitions of me being worthy and more then others based in my participation in sports, I breath and stop this participation through not accepting myself to live out these patterns and change my living to stop competing and start living with others equally, sharing and enjoying our company together.

I commit myself to let go of the desire to show off and let others know my skill creating an inequality and separation within our interactions, so when this desire come up, I stop and breath, and move myself to let go it and stop my participation in the belief that it is real, I move myself and do physical things to realize reality in these moments of desire.

I commit myself to let go of competition and walk the physical here in reality, living equality and love of all as I would myself in helping and sharing with others, and stopping my insecurities through stopping this point of making others feel bad about themselves to make me feel better, when I see I am walking into this pattern, I stop and go to another point away from the situation and breath through the point, I commit to stop my reaction in these moments of insecurity and comparison, and walk the change.

I commit myself to accept myself so I can accept others through being gentle with myself, allowing me to make mistakes, and being humble with how I am and how I live, stopping my desire to be more, and accept me as I am in each moment already.

I commit myself to when and as I see any point of bullying or being mean spiteful to another to make myself feel more superior and empowered, I stop and breath, and immediately stop my participation not accepting myself to live this, changing when I am aware, and never looking back, but living this change of being humble and supporting others.

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