Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 234 – Control Freak – I am Inflexible - Self Commitments to Live

When and as I see that I am going into a militant mode with others in becoming inflexible to who and how they are living in a project or point we are living together within, I stop and breath, and realize that this militant mode will only create more of the separation and resistance I am facing within this situation due to me not accepting myself to hear or see another’s view and perspective in equality, but rather want me to be right and the other wrong. I realize I can’t be equal because I am in self-interest to have it my way or the highway which will cause conflict always.

I commit myself to give myself the opportunity to breath and move myself through this desire to control and thus allow myself to open up to others words and actually hear what is being said through slowing down mymind by not allowing myself to participate within the thoughts to get my way through focusing on the others words to me.

I commit myself to move myself from the mind in these thoughts of what others should do in these moments of desire to get my way, and thus embrace the other as myself in seeing them within their shoes, how they are walking and seeing a point, and come to a solution that will work for each of us equally.

When and as I see I go into a point of desire to control and thus not allow flexibility within what it is I am doing with others, I stop and breath, and realize I am not the only one in the group others are here and are to be considered equally as I would want for myself all should get equal respect and equal opportunity to work and share themselves to find what the solution is in a point of expressing our beingnesses as life.

I commit myself to allow others to share and express themselves in what it is they are seeing and walking, and put myself in their shoes and see from how/where they are seeing, and from this equal consideration and assessment, walk what is necessary to help and support the other as well as myself in that moment in what it is we are doing.

When and as I see I am going into a point of ego where I believe I am smarter and better then another or the group, I stop and breath, and realize this is due to a desire to be seen more and given more attention to me because I am not giving this attention to myself, I am not seeing myself, and thus desire this from others.

I commit myself to stop this belief of myself that I need others to validate me as each time it come up I assess if it is ego and walk the correction by speaking the point of equality within it such as ‘no garb, I am equal with all and we all have equal ideas/perspectives in who we are, I have equal value to all’ and I can walk my own self direction in self trust through practicing this in my living.
I commit myself to see reality for what it is with others and walk the correction of remaining with the physical conditions of what problem, issue, situation we are walking in the physical, and thus stopping myself form going into a point of energy to have more then what is here as the physical.

I commit myself to walk as and with the group in doing what is best for all as I see this will be what is best for me, I commit to stop my personal interest to be seen or heard by giving this to myself through self praise and adoration of points I see I follow through on and walk in equality with others, recognize myself in what it is I committed and walked through with.

When and as I see that I am going into this point of not seeing reality but only what I want to see as ideas in my mind, I stop and breath, and realize this is heading into dangerous territory as this is accepting and allowing the mind to direct me and I realize this is not life nor real as the mind is from illusion in the head as thoughts and energies that cease in moments, thus I realize I have to walk the physical in grounding myself in what is real and slowly walk out of the mind by stopping my participation in energy and stopping the thinkingprocess ending the minds dependency.

I commit myself to remain in the physical in moments of desire to control and not see what is real by being aware of this pattern and pushing myself to not allow these desires to direct me from the mind, but move myself into my body and walk the common sense I am seeing in that moment in the physical, and then I can walk what the physical is showing me as a group assessment rather then just my own assessment to prove that is in fact real.

When and as I go into a point of not trusting others and what the physical is showing me, I stop and breath, and realize that this is my ego as the mind in wanting to get more or have attention, I realize and see within this that the ego is being activated due to the nature of the energy to have more and be more then others as like a jealous or self righteousness desire within me that moves as an energy movement of anxiety or irritation.

I commit myself to assess what all say in common sense and use others assessment and perspectives as reference for me as well as what I see in the physical to determine what in fact is real and use the principle of equality and oneness in what is best for all to walk what is need to be walked.

I commit myself to stop the belief that I know better and I am stronger then others and walk the correction through hearing what others have to offer and becoming humble by accepting others as me in seeing that they are me and walking with them as them to solutions that will work for all.

I commit myself to stop the judgment of others if they fall and support them rather then put them down as I see I fall and require this same support from others.

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