Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 81- Lost and Found - Self Commitment Statements

Here will walk out the self commitment statements to the blog I did yesterday called Day 80 - Lost and Found, where I walked self forgiveness on blame and living into memories.

Here is my self correction:

I commit myself to walk the physical within and as all points that I can and will consider within any point that come up that doesn't necessarily have a solution at the time of notice, thus I walk the path until a solution is seen, made, and/or agreed upon.

I commit myself to stop all points of allowing memories as thoughts of blame towards others direct me as i see and understand these memories and thoughts can not be trusted as they are not here real, but must be let go of and not participated in as they are not who I am as I am life, and thus I see memories are mind as illusion, thus I walk to stop the illusion as mind.

I commit myself to stop all points of anger and blame towards others by stopping all the participation in the thoughts that accumulate, so thus stopping participation in thoughts to stop the accumulation of emotion/feeling.

I commit myself to walk in consideration of all others in equality in my world and all this world so thus I am not in any separation of life and thus go into reaction as emotions or feelings, but am here present, stable, and supporting what is best for all by supporting all one and equal to myself in consideration of all the points that are here to be walked and physically moved to what is best for all life.

I commit myself to stop the accumulation of reactions as feelings and emotions to direct me, but breath through the desire to go into reaction by accepting and allowing myself to become humble and stop the point of trying to be more then others and stand here one and equal with life by supporting all life as myself.

I commit myself to stop accumulating energy as well as releasing onto others and abusing life, I see this is unacceptable, and thus I stop my blame at it's core and walk the solution as myself which is to stand as breath and walk as life one and equal as myself.

I commit myself to stop the acceptance of going into the ego as a polarity game of trying to dominant others by using this point of calling others out and using it against them so I can be more within myself and prove to myself that I matter. So I commit to stop this point of polarity game and stop my ego and accept myself to walk what needs to be walked and stop the trap of ego as 'trying' to be more.

I commit myself to stop all secret mind, back chat, secret chamber thoughts about others to diminish them to make myself feel better about myself. I realize and see I have to stop this point of energy gain in secrect and bring it here to be walked, self forgiven, and corrected in the moment so it doesn't direct me through time.

I commit to stop my self interest in all forms and only stand and live what is best for all life in all facets of this world as well as myself.

I commit myself to take responsibility for myself and stop all the points within me as ego to try and prove that I am more, walk the correction as stopping the participation and changing to live with and as all life here as breath.

I commit myself to equalize myself with all life here in the physical as the physical and thus walk the walk as an example to show that life is equal and one and that is who is how we are here as all as one as equal.

I commit myself to stop all points of accepting memories as real and stopping being direct by them, I walk here and direct myself as breath in what is best for all.

I commit myself to always consider others as myself within who I am and correct myself when I see that I am not walking in equality with all, stop my ego as self righteousness and realize the only way to walk a world best for all is if we create ourselves in the best life for all, so thus I walk the walk to create myself in self perfection to thus be able to perfect life here as what it is for real in equality and oneness with all as self so all life is free to be here and live.

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