Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 232 - Control Freak Character - I have to get the last Word - Self Correction to Live

When and as I go into a point of desire to go and have the last word with another, I stop and breath, and come to realization that it will on fuel the ego and thus cause abuse as I have witnessed many times because it is done by force and competition, not to a solid understanding between equals to come to a solution.

I commit myself to stop the desire to get the last word in by not allowing myself to continue with the train of thought, but training myself to breath through this desire, and work on something else, come to a solution orcompromise with the other, and do something else until I am stable and really can commit to walk in equality with the other without reacting.

I commit myself to stop looking at others in a point of competition in where it is always about how I can get ahead, but start to walk the point of self appreciation and self acceptance in considering who I am and what I do, and thus stop the desire to prove myself to others, as I push the point of self sufficiency within myself and correcting that which I see is able/needed to be corrected in what is best for all.

I commit myself to stop the desire to be seen by others as special in this point of having the last word, where in I go into a point of competition, I stop and commit to stop the desire to be noticed, and push the point of acceptance within me and thus accepting others for who they are.

I commit myself to start walking the focus of the physical, in the physical paying attention to the words spoken and gestures made, so I can align myself in equality with the other as the physical to become in support of what is best and solution to the conflict or issues we are having in that moment, walking the point of solution in the physical and stopping it go to my mind into separating and trying to win.

I commit myself to let go of this desire to be better then another and have them submit to me.

I commit myself to stop the point of being seen as the better person with others and thus I change my focus to what is best for all and push the point of treating all others with respect and how I would want to be treated.

I commit myself to stop the desire to have the last word and thus stop the idea that this person is better then the one who doesn’t get it in, by stopping myself from focusing on that and thus focus on all the words spoken in the context of coming to a solution for all in agreement and stopping my self interest.

I commit myself to stop defining myself by my mind, and thus stand as the physical in support of the physical as myself in making decisions in the physical through the writing and laying out all the options and pros and cons, to make a informed well executed and laid out solution pattern. 

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