Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 218 –Accepting Limitation - “But I’m so Tired, I’ll do it Later”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in my mind justify my lack of physical effort in the responsibilities I have in my daily life of cleaning, writing, vlogging, walking henry, getting on time to work, cooking, helping another do something, in where I will sit and watch a show or go to sleep because I have accepted this excuse I have created in my mind that I am tired and will do it later because I have accepted the energy of resistance within me to not want to move myself physically and do these things because of the effort it will take that I don’t want to give. I realize that this is accepting my own limitation within my living based on allowing excuses and justifications in my mind to fully direct my potential in living in doing the things in my life that matter and are necessary for my balanced living environment to be ‘healthy’ because I am being lazy and just don’t want to move myself.

I commit myself to stop and breath when I go into this justification of ‘But I’m Tired, I’ll do it Later’ and push myself through this excuse as resistance and walk the physical movement to move myself and walk the responsibility I am trying to avoid.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to over consume in sleep in allowing and justifying my sleeping patterns of over consumption to be based on the idea in my head that I am soooooooooo tired, but within my physical daily activity I don’t do anything to warrant this tiredness. I realize within my own testing of my sleeping pattern that I only need 6 hours of sleep, and I am stable and functioning the next day ok and can do more physical activity then I am currently putting out because I realize I can put out more.

I commit myself to when and as I go into a point of desire to go to sleep, I will investgate in self honesty why it is that I want to go to sleep, and write out the point or speak the point in self forgiveness and do not accept myself to go into the sleeping pattern if it is based on an excuse to get out of my responsibilities.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed this pattern of excusing and justifying my lack of effort within my vlogging and my cleaning, cooking responsibilities and physical responsibilities I have committed to, within this excuse of being ‘tired and I’ll get to it later’ when I don’t get to it later, but keep on living within the same patterns of excuses and justifying my lack of effort of living to sleeping and wasting the life I have here each day to be of nothing of worth.

I commit myself to when and as I see that I am accepting and allowing these patterns of wasting time with sleeping overconsumption and going into the excuse of ‘I’ll do it later, I’m tired’, I stop myself in that moment, and walk through the resistance and do the physical point I am resisting. This until I have stabilized this point and am not moved by resistances and excuses in my mind that aren’t real, and am able to walk all points in the physical in real self honesty and direct myself to rest when I am in physical need of it.

I commit myself to walk self honesty within my physical application and do the best I can do in the space and time I have, pushing my limits and not allowing any forms of excuses or justification of limitation, as I realize I am capable and thus I set the standard for me. I define me and thus I direct myself to self creation.

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