Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 227 – Control Freak Character – Not Considering the Physical

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when and as I walk into a point within my world I will immediately look at the step by step process I will be dealing within my minds reasoning and thought processing rather then the reality of what is here in my world, where in I will not look at the physical practical effort, considerations, adjustments, configurations, that will need to be taken into consideration within what it is I am doing within a certain specific moment, but look within my thoughts and beliefs and memories about a specific situation I am walking into, and there I will use force and self interest to get what I want done because I am only seeing what I want done, not considering the other parts/people equal to my own considerations, but forcing them to adapt and fit into my mind’s plan rather then walking an equal plan for both to live from.

When and as I go into a point of not standing equal to the physical and all within the physical that I am living with, I stop and breath, and realize that I must consider all the points necessary to walk the plans and processes I am ready to implement the systems for others at work, and thus walk the practical real time steps with each one, to thus give all the opportunity to learn, ask questions, create equal understanding, and thus give myself the opportunity to grow, adjust, and expand the systems I am working with to thus create the most efficient and harmonious work environment I/we can create where room for misunderstanding and abuseis removed.

I commit myself to push myself in the physical to walk in each one’s shoes I am working with within each system I am implementing and perfecting, and thus walk with in learning and understanding with each one and myself until it is clear and able to be implemented by all to the best of their ability.

I commit myself to when the system does not go to plan, to stop and breath, and do not go into any point ofanger as reaction, but walk the physical steps that are necessary to adjust and correct the points that are not aligned, walking patients always and stopping all abuse within irritation, anger, and lashing out.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to lash out at other when I find that they are not doing the jobs I expect within the systems and processes I have created, and thus within myself I go into thoughts of abuse and self compromise, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create abuse to others in a point of superiority in seeing that I know best and the others are not taking these points seriously, but I realize that that is own assumption and irritation, and thus is not the physical actual reality of the matter.

When and as I go into a point of superiority and thus react to others in anger, I stop and breath, and realize my actions have consequences of lasting effects where in I could cause abuse in many different forms and areas to others life that I am not even aware of, and thus I commit myself to stop and breath when the desire arise to lash out because I am not getting what I want and move within the physical steps to correct the point, take responsibility for what is not working, and walk patients to help myself and others understand the solutionsthat will need to be created.

I commit myself to push myself to walk the physical steps that are necessary to walk with others until they learn and put in place within themselves the steps necessary to work with the systems that need to be done to thus get the work flow sufficient within the environment as well as allow myself to make mistakes and learn as I go, stopping the pressure to have all be perfect always as I realize this is not reaistic.

I commit myself to put in place necessary boundaries and consequences for others to thus give the others the self responsibility within themselves to do what is asked of them with a point of understanding that if it is not done within the best of their ability over a point of time that is to be assessed and determined, they will face set in place consequences so thus the systems stay moving and the work continues to flow and be the best it can be.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take others actions and consequences they create for themselves personally and create a point of emotional connection and turmoil towards them because I believe I have been let down or that they let me down.

When and as I put myself into a point of personal attachment to what it is I am doing within the physical, I stop and breath, and realize that these are not to be taken personal or emotionally attached to as these are physical practical realities of the ‘working’ environment I create for those that have to walk these systems, and thus it is my responsibility to make all known and understand before it is implemented and once implemented and the tweaks are worked out in self honesty, I walk the system, the consequences, and thus allow the physical to walk itself, following the rules of the system and thus living by this system to create the outcome necessary to always uphold and create as standard what is best for all as well as what is best for the business at hand to be done efficiently and orderly.

I commit myself to stop and breath, and correct myself by walking within the physical steps that are necessary to perfect the system I am walking rather then make it personal, I walk the direction of the physical, keeping it physical, and creating all points within the physical as a check and balance until it is self perfected, and so the system creates it’s own results of self correction, ideally, with my directing it to be best for all as well as the direction of those walking it to be done in the best way possible for what is best for all.

I commit myself always to walk towards self perfection in all that I do and all life here until it is done.

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