Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 165 - Vulnerability - Is a Weakness Self Correction Statements

I commit myself to disengage and let go of all memories of tv shows and movies that come up within my head as pictures of people who are weak, such as those with physical or mental ailments, and thus see them as vulnerable as was implied in these media outlets, and thus go into separation towards these people based on seeing them as this picture of weakness as vulnerability.

So I commit to stop allowing myself to follow thoughts as pictures and memories, as they don’t support life or others as life.

I commit myself to stop and breath when the desire comes up to exploit someone’s weakness and/or vulnerability point for my own gain.

I commit myself to stop seeing vulnerability as a weakness and thus see it as a point of gentleness within the other and thus accept myself to walk equally within that vulnerability so thus an intimacy can open up and comfortability can emerge.

I commit myself to stop defining life by weak or strong due to the correlation of their physical or mental abilities, and thus push myself to walk the physical living with others as equals in breath and don’t accept myself to act in separation by stopping the thoughts of polarity from fueling this to continue.

I commit myself to stop and breath from defining myself as weak or strong and thus go into a fear or superiority within seeing abuse as the outcome, where I stop and commit myself to not follow these thoughts of polarity and stop myself from going into abuse towards others and thus stop the fear of being abused, by pushing myself to stop.

I commit myself to walk and push in breath living here stopping my thoughts and emotions and feelings as reactions towards others, and thus practice being physical and finding solutions as equals or in correlation in what is best for all. 

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