Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 160 – Waste – Within and Without

Looking at the point of waste, how much we as a society waste stuff, time, life within and as our world as the without externalization of self, and within myself how much I waste in stuff, time, and my life that if I was to push my self discipline and self will, I could be much more efficient and effective in my living. Why do we waste stuff on this planet and why do I waste things in my life? This I see is based on ignorance, living in this illusion that our actions won’t ever catch up with us, when in fact if we open our eyes and see the truth, the destruction is ever where. What is protecting us from seeing is our dishonesties within our living and in our actions, but in the end, this will cause the death of us all, so is not the suggested way to proceed. There is another way and that is the implementation of the equal money system, a system that guarantees all life being equal and creating the best life for all.

I mean it’s like an instant gratification addiction we have allowed and accepted within the inner of ourselves as our self interest drives us and the outer where we take from the earth and never give back, it's like we are wearing bubble suits only being concerned for our own survival, while we annihilate and kill those around us and that which gives us life, our planet in the outer and our bodies as ourselves. We have to change the inner world of ourselves and thus this will eventually change the outer world of ourselves, as the saying goes, as within so without, our external world is a mirror of who we are within our inner worlds, and as we can see we are sick, we need to heal ourselves, here is some self forgiveness and self correction to move this process of self change through walking self honesty. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed my existence to become that of waste, from the within of who I am where I waste my life on matters of abuse and separation from what is here as the best life for all and thus waste the opportunity to birth this for all by indulging in the illusions of the mind, as wants, desires, needs, and feelings, so I can be engaged within my own bubble world pretending to have joy and goods within my life as if this is the truth of the way life should be, while my body every moment suffers silently as the evidence of pain all over it that I physically am aware of every moment. I realize and see that existing in waste within my life is not only effecting me as the being within this body, but the countless other beings within my self as my physical body components and parts working together as I am able to exist and which gives me life, but I waste this life on things that do not matter to this physical existence within the matter at hand, to change the walking dead to life again through and as my own self willed living in self honesty and drastic change to a being that is able to be trusted and care for life as I would like for myself, to thus be an example for others and so the message and living action can grow and change can manifest for what is best for all.

I commit myself to when and as I see that I am going into this desire within myself to waste time, waste away, waste resources, waste money, waste life, I stop and breath, and re-evaluate what I am doing within and as who I am in consideration of not just me here but all the beings within and as my self here that work together unconditionally to allow me to live in this world. I commit myself to make efficient decisions within and as my day to help create the most effective way for my body to operate within considering my body within actions I take, will I be supporting my body, and so make sure I take into account what is life in fact and thus stop my illusions of the mind as desires, wants, needs, and feelings from directing me, by writing them out when I see them, doing self forgiveness, and changing myself within commitment statements to optimize my time here and give this opportunity for a new world the best self application I can.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create within the external self which is the external world the reality of who I am within myself, waste, abuse, and self destruction. Where I can see the evidence within my physical reality as the death and annihilation of all life forms in this world that is rampant throughout each area of life on this planet in countless ways, I realize the destruction in nature and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to destroy that which gives me life due to the ignorance I have accepted of not caring about the outcome but only my own self indulgence. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to only care for my own self indulgence instead of the best for all that is here with me, so all can live and no more suffering is allowed.

I commit myself to stop and breath, and push myself to correct myself within the process underway as self change within self forgiveness, and thus be able to stand as a group with others to bring about a new world for all that will end all abuse and suffering in this world by creating equality and oneness as life for real in reality. I commit myself to work on all points I am able to to help push this into living actualization through becoming a being who is self motivated and thus is able to generate and create my own ways to help the group by learning and researching all the ways to will help process this new system into being that will work and generate the movement to be effective. I commit myself to change all systems within the equal money system to guarantee the safety and best life for all in all facets and all walks of life, so their will never again be the abuse and hell that has been created here due to the ignorance of man as the mind system of illusion and self interest we have created and become.

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