Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 155- What's in a name? Part 1 – Self Commitment Statements

I suggest if you are interested in walking the self forgiveness, reference Day 154: What is in a name? Part 1 - Self Forgiveness blog. 

I commit myself to when I hear my name being said not correctly and I find the backchat becomes activated within me, I stop and breath, and state ‘no, I don’t accept myself to go into this backchat’ and not participate. I walk the correction after stabilizing myself to tell them my correct name if it’s relevant and move on.

I commit myself to walk the correction of stopping existing in memories of seeing myself superior to others and seeing them as annoyances because I had to stop and correct them with my name, so thus stop the point of annoyance as I realize this is just showing that I am in self interest and not considering the other as myself, so consider the other as me and treat them as equals.

I commit myself to stop the point of desire to get a high feeling and thus I commit myself to stop desire for energy as feelings.

I commit myself to stop the point of superiority and thus stop the thoughts as seeing others as stupid and assuming that they are not hearing me deliberately in spitefulness because I was accepting impatience and not breathing, so thus I correct this by considering that others might not have heard it correctly or simply couldn’t say it properly, stopping assumption and impatiences, and thus I breath, and say to them my name correctly without any energy movement.

I commit myself to stop judging others in anyway and understand from a perspective of give as I would like to receive, to treat others as equal as no one is more then any other being thus i correct myself by living this through stopping the thoughts and emotions as impatience in superiority to others.

I commit myself to stop the point of justification within me based on accepting this point of superiority that they should know and listen more carefully to my name and they won't mess it up, so stopping the point of taking it personally and going into blame, and thus take responsibility for who I am by stopping the reactions when my name is mis-spoke through breathing and walking the physical correction of speaking my name again with no inner movement.

I commit myself to stop the point of blame as it being their fault and simply if my name is not said right, breath, and tell them the correction if it is relevant stopping any movements within me to go into blame.

I commit myself to breath when resistances come up to work or speak with others when I find someone continuing to speak my name incorrectly, and continue to interact when I am stable to stop this point of separation as it’s simply energy and thus I realize it will run out, so walk until I am clear and can speak in equilibrium with all to continue to correct my name or let it be as it is irrelevant.

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