Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Principle of Self Perfection through Self Creation - Day 575

"3. The Principle of Self-Perfection Through Self-Creation
Self-Perfection is the process of reflecting on and investigating myself through writing, releasing myself from the past through Self-Forgiveness, and changing myself through Self-Application and living change. These tools allow me to develop a deep intimacy with myself, enabling me to see the workings of who I am, how I came to be this way, and how to create myself into the best possible expression of myself that I can be."

From the source: Desteni Declaration of Living

This principle is like the gift that keeps giving within the hard work one puts in, you do the work, you live and become your highest potential, you will start to align to and create for yourself a perfection in self as who you are in your living. So the equation I see here is walking the process of self change in what is best, investigate and understand who self is as the pattern, live self forgiveness, walk the change necessary to do what is best for all as best for self, and so move into the quality of living that is self perfection, which gives substance in a multiple of ways unknown and I have found can not be predicted. It is a similar process of the seed of a fruit tree, it's starts out very small, very fragile, needing lots of tender, care, understanding, patience, discipline, creativity, perseverance, courage, and integrity to name some support words, to be able to grow to be a big mature tree bearing countless amounts of fruit over it's lifetime.

The fruit tree is a cool visual example of what the living of self-perfection is within oneself and in one's life, this is accomplished through walking both self frogiveness on a pattern that is of abuse to life as yourself and others, and living the corrective application to do what is best for all until it is proven through time by your own self honesty. When one lives this through and proves who you are through time, it is like another layer of substance as the tree bark and leaves and branches grow to hold the space and ability to bear the fruit for everyone to enjoy.

With walking the process to self perfection you create substantial creational abilities within yourself which empower you in your world and reality, you are also gifted with self trust and an understanding of who you are and what you are capable of in this life because you walked the talk so to speak, you created this path yourself through and through, step by step, breath by breath. This no one can take away from you here or beyond, it becomes your legacy and can be an incredible gift, you become your own fruit tree bearing sustenance for all life to enjoy and be supported with.

The journey of self perfection is an individual journey for each one as the path has to be walked for self and changed within self and in one's world by self, though there is and always will be the basis of support here in this physical world to support with this process. For example, some of the main sources I use on the daily as I walk this process is bernard poolmans videos and words, with the portal sharing, work environments that I am involved with every day, and all the people I interact with online and in real life, there is support within everything I have found if you open yourself up to it. As been said many of times, use your resources, they are here to support so go ahead and use them for support to be your best self!

So the self perfection of self within walking the tools of life in what is best is a gift in itself to self real-i-ze yourself and bring to fruition the seeds you sowed within yourself to gift to others in your life as you become a source of life-giving, unconditional to all for all in what is best, and your life becomes fruitful, incredible, and indeed extraordinary like a matured fruit tree standing firm, rooted in the earth, and giving itself as life support for all to have.

Check out the resources, and investigate who you are as life principles lived, self forgiveness, self honesty, self-commitment to change, and in fact living the words self perfection in who one is. Let's walk together and support each other until this life is created in the perfection that has always existed here, within and to the without. Support and educate yourself on the links shared, thanks for reading! - Check out the new unlimited subscription plan at Eqafe, it's fantastic!

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