Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Survival Programming - Why Such the Long Face? – Part 5 – Day 395

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Here I am looking at the experience of sadness and why we as human beings experience this within ourselves. Obviously, the common points of sadness is based on mind thoughts or memories or preconceived judgments or desires placed on to physical reality. When we exist in such a way of separating ourselves from the actual reality of what is here and instead only exist within the mind reality the mind generates and creates through energy feelings the sadness, which is not a real experience and does not indicate what in the physical is actually happening as self is not in the physical. Self is in one's mind, the mind is not physical cause it can't be touched or physically worked with, it's to be worked with in self awareness as it can easily direct self into self compromise. So the point is that the experience of sadness in a moment or even the experience of happiness is not a real experience from anything outside of self, but is being created and lived within self through accepting the mind components that are keeping them going that compromises one's own self direction and way of life.

For the experience of sadness, I am looking at first the thought dimensions of my mind, what are the thoughts that created such an experience, and the main thought is about someone dying close to me, this thought I have allowed to become a part of my day to day thinking where it will come up and I’ll follow it. This accepting the thought and so energy of sadness that is attached with it as I experience it when I have this thought, when we follow thoughts they will grow to more thoughts and projections of the that one single thought and when the single thought is not self directed within reality based living and awareness eventually you will create a possession that can take you to extremes of emotional experiences.

So this is how we create ourselves to be emotional either in the positive or the negative, and from this one must realize that the source of this energy is being created and used for it's own benefit by our mind being taken from our physical substance/bodies. So it’s a relationship I have to balance and equalize, where I no more use the mind to determine and direct me into the dimensions of illusions as thoughts moving to future projections as possession points, but here in the physical in breath, directing myself from what is actually happening and how to best direct the physical situation into solutions that will be best for all.

Self forgiveness and self correction writing to follow, thanks for reading.

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