Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Becoming Equal with the Greater and the Smaller of Self – Day 382

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I have been watching some documentaries on the financial history of this world and how it was taken over by special interest groups of varying families and associates, but concentrated within the desires for personal/familial wealth. Those at the top of the bracket of financial capital and power are those who control most every part of our system at this time. But it’s not to feel disempowered or discouraged by these facts, it’s to realize that it is what is here and I am also responsible for the position of the world being the way it is because I did nothing to change it. I am not powerless within myself as I have a physical body, a will to direct myself, and the resources and abilities to create change in myself and so this world. So there is the way in which the world exists now and what I/we are going to do about it point to consider. Another focus I would like to mention is the fact that what is driving these people at the top is the same forces that are driving me, the moments where I go into a point of greed and maybe not share what I have and could share, but through accepting desires over the care of others getting an equal share of what I can give, but won't, I have created the same outcome of that which the world elite is creating on a global scale an imbalance and so an inequality among life.

So we can surmise that what is going on within me in terms of creating inequality and superiority in my world, is also being creating within every other human being and also being created in our world system as we can see clearly because our system is a reflection of ourselves, on a individual level as well as a global level, that we are only existing within and without in self interest and greed for more. So it is to realize within myself and those I suggest who are reading this consider that a process of purification needs to take place first within who one is and how one lives to in fact be in care and live equal/balance with one’s environment and people in it as well as consider everyone as yourself to create the change necessary to really see a definitive change within this world and the group of life that exists here. If one does not change the action of one’s own greed how can we expect the greed in this world that is destroying and creating suffering in our environment to change if we ourselves do not change this greed and corruption in our own thoughts, words, and deeds?

Obviously it won’t change and it will continue to destroy itself as we continue to destroy ourselves, and just as obvious it will take a process of living/time to change oneself to a 'new' or 'better' version to so live in a more principled way in the perfection of existing always in what is best for all. I suggest to follow the links below and educate and participate in how to change yourself to a human being who is in consideration of others and so equally with oneself. I have taken these courses and walked this process of purification for a few years now, and I indeed have changed and created my actions to be more considerate and inclusive of all that I am sharing life with, but I have more to go. So I will support myself here with self forgiveness to forgive myself for blame and anger towards the elite/myself in this world, and create the self corrective statements to guide myself to live the change in my world and with others in the next blogs. Thanks for reading.

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