Friday, January 17, 2014

A Man Living Closely with Lions - Is this Possible? - Day 384

I just watched this video above of a man named Kevin Richardson, and he is known as the ‘Lion Whisper’. He is able to walk among lions and be accepted by them as an equal. Most people cringe at the thought, they fear the lion due to the stories that have been told over the years of how vicious they are, but in this video you see the real truth behind the stories, the fears, and the separation from humans and the animal kingdom and that is that they are life just like us. Just because we are different looking, have a different language, have different mannerisms from other species, does not mean we can not co-exist among them.

I can relate greatly to the bond of what Kevin shares in this video that he has developed with the lions, and it’s based on a true genuine care, love, and respect for the being within as the lion for instance and how you in fact treat them, who are you with them, are you in fear or are you here? I have only lived with more domesticated animals like dogs, but with my current dog, I am able to communicate with him on many levels and have grown to enjoy a great mutual respect between us that I see as one of my greatest gifts in my life. I could not picture myself without animals in my life, and unfortunately at the rate we are destroying and diminishing there habitats and so their lives, I ask all to investigate solutions out there that will indeed restore this amazing gift we can learn and co-exist with as the natural world.

We are all the same in fact, we all have the life force within us, and we all want what is best for ourselves and so as a global community we should be able to give that to each other, what is best for all. I give huge kudos and respect to Kevin Richardson for walking such a path and showing the innocence of life that is here and showing there is nothing to fear, even the lions and hyenas as shown very specifically above are beings and exist here as such. There is a process to walk of course with our current relationship with animals, especially wild, so I do not suggest going and hanging with lions, but we/I can start this change within myself, and so start the change for the future to be best for our children and the animals to come in the pristine natural world we can indeed live in and create. Check out this awesome video and the awesome links! Thanks for reading.

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