Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Freezing Cold and Freezing Bodies – Day 374

Today has been very cold, the cold where you don’t want to go outside for even a second, it stings your face and your car is like ice to sit in and manage. They said in the news article I just saw posted that your skin will freeze if it is out in this cold for 10 minutes, this due the to polar vortex that has settled into the northern and central parts of the US for the past few days.

The problem with this scenario is that there are people within the states that are not able to go inside and get warm, they have no where to go, they have no money to buy a warm room for the night or the week or the month. So although, we like to think of ourselves as human beings on this planet of great sophistication and care and generosity is this in fact so? When people sit on the streets in the elements and we are bundled up in our warm houses with the heat blasting? We realize that homelessness is going on all over our nation along with all over this world, but we still allow a few to gain all the wealth while many suffer. We all realize as well that to be out in the elements of this world is very stressful and the point of having no resources to protect oneself and family members from the element is tragic. No one wants to be in that position, we all want a place we can call our own, and ensure we have enough to live on every day.

The weather is a common point of understanding, though, we accept and allow ourselves to allow people to suffer even with the thousands of hours of people talking about how freezing cold it is and if you are outside more then a short time, you have a great possibility of freezing to death. There is allot of talk but no action that has been made to come to solutions to ensure no one ever has to freeze to death in this day and age.

Presenting the Fundamental Human Rights by Equal Life Foundation

We have to ensure that we take care of each other, there is a solution for this that many may not have realized or seen or knew was out there, but I like to share it here. It’s the living income guarantee presented by the equal life foundation, and it’s a basic support structure to ensure the human rights of all on earth are honored, where all are supported with a decent living income if needed to support themselves and there families. There is enough of everything the earth has given us, that has never been the issue, the issue has been how we have not ensured that each person has been given their right to life, the basic needs we all require to have a healthy supportive life, a life we all can say we would want for ourselves. Let’s now give it to all with the living income proposal, check it out and support. Thanks.

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