Saturday, January 11, 2014

Will We Change Our Ways Before Our Ways Change Us? - Day 378

I have been reading many disturbing articles about the state of the oceans filtering into the animals on land because of the fukushima accident in 2011. Radiation is leaking into the ocean since this happened and has not only killed off many of the ocean life around that area and across the ocean to the north American continent, but the animals on land and ourselves as well. So I am now reading that it has gotten into the food chain and eventually is going to effect many people. Radiation does not leave the body, but only accumulates. This all due to man made influences and the profit driven consumerism market we are existing within, even down to those who are cleaning the area, they are not experts as you may think, but the poor workers and criminals who have no other choice but to work to survive as no one wants to be poisoned through working in such close proximity.

The interesting thing is that no one hardly even knows about what is actually happening based on the media keeping it quite hushed and people not really being aware of the acceptance and allowances we are allowing due to our implicitness to what our media says and not questioning anything out of the ordinary. Why don’t people care about this issue or even seem to know about it, I would say it is due to the desires for hope, things to be good, things to work out, and so we as the population stand by as our world is being destroyed by those trying to make the most money. If we continue in this way the problems such as the leaking of radiation into our food supplies is going to continue and become worse. It’s not that people don’t know or understand this, but they believe there is nothing that can be done, there is no solution because it seems quite huge.

The solution is in the first step of seeing reality for what it is and moving towards understanding it and stopping the ignorance towards it so a solution can in fact be found. Why we are existing in the scenario of it having to get to a point of no return is due to this fact that we are not here, we are only existing in our minds and so will only see what the mind shows us, the desire for happy times when in reality this is not real, it’s not happening in such a way, and so is not at all relevant. What is relevant and matters is what is happening in reality and what we are doing about it.

The point I would suggest for all who is willing to move themselves is stop the complacency and move towards a solution that will support everyone, there is the equal life proposal of a living income guarantee which will change the way in which we govern ourselves on this planet and allow unity to be developed and implemented into the way we exist in our system of functional living. It’s in the way we live that the solution is, the change that is necessary to continue existing on this planet, and the responsibilities of ourselves to walk the change that needs to be done to ensure that there is a respect for life with all who exist here. We don’t have to come to this scenario again where we are on the brink of self destruction, but can enjoy each other and this world as it was supposed to be lived, in equality and what is best for all. Support the equal life foundation and the living income guarantee proposal.

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