Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 115- Self Sabotage Character: Judging My Backchat – Self Corrective Statements

I commit myself to stop the judging of the back thoughts in my mind the moment I see that I go into judgment, through using my breath and saying ‘stop, delete’, continuing this until the judging and thoughts stops.

I commit myself to stop the point of self sabotage within the point of seeing that I am having certain thoughts, where I stop the judgment of myself for having thoughts as I realize and see that the thoughts are me, and thus I can direct them once I accept them as me, so they stop having power over me.

I commit myself to stop the polarity playout of bad/good thoughts, and thus see direct of what the thought is, so thus I can self forgive it, and stop the participation in it within seeing it as me and thus simply changing the starting point. So I commit to stop the point of separation with the thought in having a feeling towards it, stopping the friction of facing it, so thus it can be faced and walked through.

I commit myself to walk the understanding of the mindconsciousness system in where I see and thus can direct the thought creation to be equal and one with it, so thus I can direct it by stopping the participation in it, and through understanding it, I will essentially become it as the creator in full awareness, and then be able to walk it into the starting point of self honesty by stopping all the separation and walking what is best for all here as breath, to eventually having no thoughts as I am here as the physical.

I commit myself to observe and thus become clear with the origins of what the back chat is, so I can see it and thus when it comes about again I can see it for what it is and realize that it is not who I want to live as, and so direct the back chat by stopping the participation in it through deleting it, and from here walk into the physical more by letting the thoughts as back chat go through obviously the tools of writing, self forgiveness, and selfcorrection in living.

I commit myself to walk self discipline in all parts of my world and including this point of stopping my thoughts through direcly stopping it, until it ends.

I commit myself to stop all points of self sabotage, by stopping the participation in this character that was activated as self pity in this point, and thus walk what I have to face as myself as my backchat through writing and self correction until it is done.

I commit myself to stop all emotional and feelings related to my backchat and thus stop energizing it through my reacting to it with energy, and thus stopping the life of the back chat by ending this relationship of me giving the thoughts energy.

I commit myself to stop denying what is in my mind and take responsibility for it and face it, write it out, do self forgiveness, and stop participating in it when it come up, accepting it as me and simply realizing that it needs to stop as it supports nothing that is life.

I commit myself to walk through the fear I have towards the thoughts I create and the mind, and realize that there is nothing to fear as it is what it is, and simply face it and breath, and walk the correction, that is the only way to stop it and correct the point, by facing me as it.

I commit myself to push to stop the judgment of the thoughts and thus breath through all physical reactions, realizing the trigger points, and thus walk the acceptance and thus the correction by ending the participation within it by simply letting go of the attachment to the thoughts through breathing and stopping it by deleting the point after the writing of the point is complete.

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