Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 116- What is True Courage?

Looking today at this point of courage, what is true courage within myself and who I am within what I face in the mirror of my world and this world at large. I see within self that it will take great courage to walk what is being walked within the process at desteni, as I have found, because it is facing everything of yourself, all parts, especially the parts that I have dug deep within to never look at and have to really face.

I realize though that within this taking the journey to life and walking the process at desteni, is that those who are courageous will be the ones who walk, will be the ones who push through all the challenges and fears and struggles that will be faced, and will birth as life. The courageous ones will be those who stand in the face of the abusers and walk what has to be walked to bring about a world best for all, and use what is here, and what has been learned through self determination and will to see that nothing less then what is best for all is established and understood within all and by all. This is not an easy road to walk and as in one of Bernard Poolman’s recent blogpost, it will be the road less traveled, not to say that this is a point of defeatism, but simply a point of understanding as we are walking the re-disgn of everything we have ever beLIEved about ourselves as human beings and as life.

Now, the question I have been avoiding for quite some time, will I be the courageous one, and the answer within me has always been yes, this is what I have been waiting my life to do, walk the correction of myself into a person who can stand, be confident, be educated, be able to face anyone with reason and common sense, and stand up for life and all those who are suffering be a part and a help in creating this world in the best way possible for all equal as one. It’s not a question to who I am, but it’s the point of walking this as myself, stopping the irrelevant thoughts and backchat that make me miss reality here and become enslaved to the mind where in I submit and disregard life because of fear and self interest.

I am not willing nor stand to be an abuser nor accept and allow abuse in my world or this world at large, I will walk as the courageous one, who will put an end to the abuse of this world and create a reality where life is within all and all are living as equals as it should be in support and comfort as expressions of the gift that is ourselves, individual life beings with an opportunity to walk this path to life, where courage will be life as we have walked the courageous path to a new world and discard the old that was nothing, but cowardly slaves addicted to self interest and greed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to stop me from being courageous in where I do not accept and allow anything less then the full dedication of myself to walk this path to life where I face all points, including and most especially the points that are suppressed and deep within that I have always been afraid to face.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to stop in the face of abuse towards myself or others because I feared being abused as well and thus allowed the abuse to continue where in I could have been a point of support to help settle the conflict or stop the abuse outright.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see courage within points of winning and doing things within competition, where I become seen as better then others, to thus be seen in self interest, where in I won’t help the being to simply help and support, but do it in a point of wanting glorification and desire to be noticed.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the idea of courage as a point of self interest where in I can gain over others and be seen in a specific way I desire of being the best, but this is not true courage as it is not done in the interest of all to stop abuse in this world, but is an act for my own self glorification and self interest.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not want to take responsibility for myself and push myself through the resistance to face myself because of self judgment, where in I see myself as less then who I really am, but within this never actually seeing myself in reality for real as who I am, because I am in my mind in illusion which has no base in reality and no end in sight, until I end it, here the problem and the solution = me facing me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make a mountain out of a mole hole where in where I go into a point of overwhelmingness when I simply can look at the point within realistic terms, make a plan of action in common sense, and walk the path in steps, use the management tool of one step at a time within the living of one breath at a time, and walk and live.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that when a point comes that is ‘challenging’ it is not a point to fear nor shy away from, but it’s the point that needs to be faced as the ‘challenge’ within it, it is showing that I have always accepted myself to fall and go into the easy route by just skimming by based on the resistance, but here when it comes to points that I will face in my process, I will walk through them and face them, and do the necessary correction to walk as a courageous one and stop the abuse in my world and then eventually to the world at large as this is what is needed in this world, courageous people willing to walk to a new world that is best for all, which will not be easy, but be worth all the difficulties that will come.

 I commit myself to face the fear with in and stop the fear where in I understand the point by investigating and finding a way to see how it is created, thus fear will not be an issue as I will see it for what it is, and thus I commit myself to walk all the points that I fear for instances in self investigation that is needed to understand myself as the mind, so thus I can walk my process and get to a stability point where in I can take more responsibility in this process to change the world to a life we all can enjoy where everyone is supported and equality in all ways is the law.

I commit myself to walk all points that will stop abuse in my world and then the world at large, in where, I face what has to be faced and walk the point of courage no matter what has to be walked, only living by what is best for all life in common sense practical calculations and movements, and stopping all fear to face what is here.

I commit myself to walk courage within the paths of what is best for all in where I face what has to be faced in all areas of my life, to be able to gain stability within myself and self trust, so I can become a being who is self responsible and dependable to always do what is beast for all.

I commit myself to walk the point of self accountability and self honesty where in I face myself in all points and thus use the courage within myself to walk the dark dungeons of my mind, so it can be revealed and forgiven.

I commit myself to humble myself within my process of understanding who I am as life and learning the unconditional support and giving that life itself has given me in all areas of this natural world, and so walk the courage to face what has been done in greed and self interest by myself, and stand and correct it so it will never be allowed again.

I commit myself to stop giving relevance to irrelevant points within my mind, and walk the path of stopping all participation within the mind layers, through understanding it as me, and deleting it to stop the self judgments until it’s done.

I commit myself to stop the point of becoming overwhelmed and thus go into a point of disappointment, by managing my time effectively, and handling points within common sense understanding and resolution.

I commit myself to walk the path of the courageous one where in I make real the message of Jesus of give to another as I would want for myself, and correct all the points that will be faced in all ways, and walk through it by using my breath as stability, and pushing myself always to expand and grow never settling until life is here and we are in fact equal in all ways as life.

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