Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 110 – Jealousy Character – Self Commitment Statements

I had forgotten to finish up a blog I had done a few days back, Day 106 – Jealousy Character, this is the one I am referring to for reference. I will continue now with the self commitment statements.

I commit myself to stop this point of comparision with another, and thus live within and as the physical in what is actually happening, and thus express myself with no expectation, but only within the point that will support all equally.

I commit myself to stop the point of jealousy when I see another is ‘stronger’ within a point of expression and thus instead of going into ego as in "I am not that", and cause conflict within myself as jealousy, walk the correction in breathing through the energy, and learn from the being to see I where/how  I can improve my own self expression in a point of learning.

I commit myself to stop the point of sabotaging myself into a point of "I can’t it", when I realize that I am perfectly capable of expressing myself within myself, and thus I commit to practice this point of openly expressing without fears.

I commit myself to make it a focal point in my living to put myself in the shoes of another, and thus gauge a being based on who they are in a more wholesome assessment, and stop the comparison point to myself where in I make it a competition.

I commit myself to stop trusting feelings as I realize feelings aren’t real as they are coming from the mind which is not life but a system to control the life being within the physical, thus I stop trusting feelings and thus practice walking the physical here in my physical body with practical real time happenings and walk self honesty to assist myself and eventually others to do the same, so we can birth life here for real.

I commit myself to stop the jealousy character within and as me by committing myself to stop all points of comparison and thus polarities as better/worse realizing that I am one with all life, and thus all here is a reflection of myself, and walk my own point of self living as I walk the self perfection point to honor all life.

I commit myself to walk the memories of the past within where I become jealousy towards others, so thus I can walk through the necessary self forgiveness and walk the correction as I see it within the writing and to my living, as jealousy is not who I am and is not life.

I commit myself to stop all points of backchat through using the writing tools and self correction in living, as well as letting it go unconditionally when it comes up in all instances that I am mean or degrade another based on my own insecurities and trying to diminish another for me to feel more then, so thus I am here and able to direct myself completely and be able to be trusted with life.

I commit myself to stop the ego from directing me within a polarity game of better/worse, where in my mind I degrade the other and thus diminish them, so thus I commit myself to stop the mind within the backchat in degrading and diminishing another to make myself look/feel better, and walk the correction which is letting it go and accepting all life as I would like to be accepted unconditionally as equals to how I would like to be treated. 

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