Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Gloomy Outlook of Life - Day 401

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Lately I have been feeling a sense of gloominess within my life, it’s based on some information I have gotten recently that shook my world so to speak, not something I expected and not something I desired, and so within this my mind is in a way creating this relationship towards this new information as something that it wants to escape from, a belief I am following that I don’t know how to live with myself with this ‘bad’ information coming into my world and reality. It’s actually a point of not wanting to accept reality, accept what is here, and move back to a time where I didn’t have such news and ‘worries’, and so could have peace of mind. But of course this is not real peace as my reality is showing within this very reaction that I am not actually at peace or stable in my mind as I am reacting to news that is here.

So I see this as a point where I am existing in the belief that my life is going to change or my life is going to be different from the what if’s scenarios related to this news and so this brings up fear. I fear losing the comfort of how my life has been through what has always been in the past. How I have grown to have a normalcy within the continuous repetition of how things always are and have always been, so when there is a sudden change, my mind goes into a fear reaction because I haven’t stabilized myself in relation to what changes or adjustments I need to walk and live to be able to direct myself and so live effectively no matter what.

Creating my own self interested reality through the mind within desired experiences is going to create my living to be less effective and less supportive to myself and others in my world because I am not existing here, but becoming distracted else where in the alternate realities of imagination or thought the mind will direct me in. So to support myself I will walk some self forgiveness and self correction on existing within gloominess towards my world based on information received, and walking also the positive polarity that is keeping this in check in my world and thus keeping it in place. To then move into life and living through changing myself, to move into reality, accept it, see the gifts and support that is here, and walk the solutions I see is best for all. Shifting from my self interested mind reality to what is best for all here in real reality, breath living, that is where life is, it’s not an experience of what reality is or a reaction of what is happening, but it’s a living in the moment as an expression of how to create a new outcome that is best for all and self. Thanks for reading.

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