Friday, February 28, 2014

How Seeing Self Here Has Supported Me in Change – Day 403

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Here I am looking at the point of considering what I am doing before actually going ahead and doing it, and this is I have found something that one would not have to think about or analyze in the mind, but is a single moment of being here and looking at what it is that is the ‘subject’ you are considering within yourself. What I have found within doing this is it is a decision I make within myself to look within a moment and see what is here as me. This I usually do before writing or before opening a point up with another, such as my partner, and seeing where it is that I am within the situation/topic we are discussing. This has been a cool tool to use because it supports with awareness in the physical and also directly seeing a situation without any mind interferences as it’s in a moment, it is here within self just seeing in self honesty.

Self honesty is a component one want to consider when looking at this moment of seeing a ‘subject’ here because you have more access and understanding within the here moment of seeing as you are not being clouded by the mind. The mind can’t interfere because you are not thinking about anything, but simply looking inside yourself and seeing what comes up. Whatever it is that comes up, I work with and look at, this another component of seeing here in self honesty is working with what is here, what comes up within you, and not to judge whatever it is that does come up. I have realized that judging what comes up within you is something to take note of because it means that that moment is not a direct here seeing, but is being influenced by your mind. So you want to see the point of judgment and write about it, self investigate, self forgive, and make commitments to walk the correction when you have a look at the here moment again. Once it comes up again, you can see the correction of stopping the judgment, and then you will have more access into the within of yourself beyond what you had judge as you are now seeing it more direct and more clear.

It’s fascinating and supportive as it creates a space within me where I can start to see and as I walk the process of opening up and correcting the points that are coming up, I am gaining more understanding of myself and how I operate within my own mind processes and behaviors, moving myself more within my reality as a directness rather then being distracted through thinking. I am expanding myself each time I walk this process of seeing who I am here and correcting that which is not aligned to what I would like to live as best for all and living the correction, which is self empowering. This because when I take a moment and see here, I then have a moment to access myself, who I am being, and so align any reactions or energy experiences into understanding and correction through becoming aware of it in this seeing, then writing about it, and bringing through to correction in my living. So I expand within myself and into my world, where before I would not have ever had access to it or even consider to do such a thing because I was always in my mind participating in the alternate reality the mind creates, and so not stepping outside of this illusionary reality to see what it is in fact that I am doing, the direct seeing I access when I stop and look within here.

This seeing in the here moment where I stop and look within myself is where I realized the potential for change occurs and can be seen, and then with this consideration of myself I can live the changes I see that are here to be walked and so change within my life and living to be this potential realized. I suggest to practice this if you have not yet and walk the change necessary to change self to live in a way that is best for all, this is a tool I would like to share that has helped me do just this in my journey to life. Thanks for reading.

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