Monday, July 15, 2013

Why is Desteni Cool? – Day 328

Ok, why is desteni cool? For starters, the group of desteni is standing as a principled example to be viewed, tested, scrutinized, explored, investigated, and eventually or instantly depends on the person, walked to realize the validity of this groups standing as a protector of life. We as society, as a humanity, as a people are prone to abuse life, we hurt each other, we kill each other, we are nasty and name call at each other, if not direct, we most certainly do it in our heads. And the thing is that everyone wants to know and understand, why the hell do we do this? Why am I so nasty in my head? Why do I want to hurt and abuse others around me? Why can’t I stop thinking about sex? Why am I so consumed with being the best? Why do I care so much what others think of me? And yes this makes us freaking insane in the head, I have definitely been there. But we so easily can create a point of pleasure through sex, drugs, sweets, buying stuff because the world system has made it so that when we want a fix of pleasure, we can get it, this to appease the foaming masses of insane people to be lulled for a moment and stay in the systemized enslavement we call this way of life as this capitalist system of competition and survival.

But the problem with this insta - pleasure is that it is not real because it never lasts. You get the pleasure in a sweet for instance for only but a few moments, and then it’s gone and BAM you are back with the sinking feeling  of ‘oh, shit i'm messed up, my head won’t stop being insane.” Some have been able to automate it where they become numb to it basically, but that does not mean that it is not there, if they will look and see in moments, they can not escape the haunt of the thoughts as the mind dimensions of the human. So we get addicted to this cycle of feeling shitty and then get a quick fix of pleasure, and then we’re back again to feeling shitty to then go find the moment fix for pleasure once again, and we call this our ‘life’ and ‘the way things are’, but its a slave like existence, slaving to pleasure and pain within ourselves never finding equilibrium.

So back to my point again Why is Desteni Cool? Desteni is cool because for the first time in my life these experiences of myself, this constant point of me seeing in everyone around me the same as what is going on within me as insanity, where we just accept it as if it is normal to abuse and harm each other continuously throughout life. But it is not normal and through the research, data collected, perspectives given, and the application of the tools shared through the participants who are walking them, desteni gives understanding and tools to resolve these ways of  destructive living to an equal and one harmonious change of yourself with and as your enviroment.

The desteni material answers questions we all have, but has never been fully understood such as what is the mind, how does it function, where is it exactly, what are thoughts, what are memories, why do we have memories, why do we experience emotions and feelings, where does all this stuff exist from, how was it created, who is god, what can change the world, is there really a New world order takeover, what are animals thinking, why do we die, what is heaven like, is it real, did jesus really walk the earth, can I live like jesus, are we more then just this… know the questions such as these, the important questions, the questions every body is seeking about, the unanswered questions from forever that has been open ended with no sign of any answers being anwsered that makes sense until I found this source. And many go, ‘well, what is so significant about now, why is desteni the only one who has found the answers’, and it’s simply because this is how it is. There is a story of course, a story of how it happened that will blow your mind, so I highly suggest anyone who is reading this and can hear what is being said to investigate the material for themselves because this is the only way one will see the truth of why desteni is cool because it has to be researched as there is a lot for it to be real for you and you are the only one who can make it real. It’s impossible to explain everything in one go, I will not do this, and so those who will hear will seek and find, all I can say is it’s a must.

The point of desteni and another reason why desteni is cool is because it’s a point of creating change for oneself and for the world as well. So it’s a step in the direction of living in a better world and living a better you, a person that you can be proud of and explore. This is a journey of sorts, getting involved and participating with desteni, it’s not a quick fix or a rapid exercise, it’s a dedication, a commitment, and a defining moment for all who will walk the process being walked there. It has changed my life for the better, has made me a more capable and honorable person, and I can stand with who I am and will become knowing that I will always walk the process of what is best, I might take a bit to get to that point of self realization, but I know that I will get there, and this is solely based on the material and understanding I read through desteni to come to this statement with such authority because I was never in my life this way.

And if I can change, you can do it as well, that is yet another cool thing about desteni, everyone in the world can join and change for the better, we are all capable, it is more a matter of your own self will and if you walk the process of life in equality and oneness with all others, where the fruits of this labor is eternal life. So all are welcome and encouraged to join and see as it’s a process to explore who one is to create an extraordinary life for yourself as well as an extraordinary world for us all. We at the desteni group or those who are practicing in the desteni education so to speak are here to change the world, and those who will walk with desteni will be a part of this, this to change for the betterment of all. It’s all about self, and desteni gives us the tools to realize who in fact for real is this self, and yet another awesome thing about desteni, they show the realization in consistency that the self or "I" has true power and that is in equality within the oneness of all life, thus meaning we are capable of the true power of life if we dare. There is a truth to all of this, investigate desteni where once and for all the truth is exposed to walk the path to a world best for everyone. Enjoy.

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