Monday, July 8, 2013

Militarized State the Way of the Future? War Paranoia and Basic IncomeGuaranteed– Day 325

Recently within the past few months, America has increasingly geared themselves toward being a militarized state, providing local, state, and federal police officers with hallow point bullets by ordering them in the billions. These bullets are more expensive and more precise within there killing, and are used within war and by military forces in war. Now, here we are seeing the outflow consequences of our fear paranoia of our need for protection, and thus this has become our greatest monster. The governments of this world are run by mafia like regimes, only looking for profit and power, and not considering any thing remotely close to what is best for the people. If this was the case then they would not be ordering bullets or have any plans for war as certainly we can come up with solutions that don't involve maiming, deforming, and killing our fellow beings in this world.

War, fear, and paranoia seem a part of life, like a natural occurrence that we have accepted, and we never question or consider if there could be another way. We have essentially accepted our fate that war is part of life as we see it ongoing throughout the centuries of human history when common sensically it is the absolute opposite of life as it destroys it in many different ways. We as a society really have to question ourselves and consider this point of why we allow so easily and readily that war be the solution in this world and so easily we use punishment, violence, and killing to solve problems that are far more consequential in the whole of humanity then we care to even look at never mind consider.  

We must stop the blame, pointing fingers, and violence towards life in this world, and walk the process of realizing responsibility for our actions and so live with integrity  How does one start to live with integrity? Writing has assisted me greatly in finding ways to live with respect for others and for myself, and seeing more expansive solutions to issues I face in my world to bring it to a solution where all benefit. To start your process join the Desteni I Process Lite course, it's free and has buddy support, and will walk you through the basis of how to support oneself to change one's living for the better. 

A basic income guaranteed is a solution for the inequality within the world of today because we can restructure the way we do business and living to enhance people and enhance communities. This will start the process of recognizing the life within all, and that war is actually a crime against humanity waged for profit and gain. We must end war if we ever want to see peace in this world, and if you are for peace then you should be for basic income guaranteed, because it's the path to end war. 

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