Thursday, July 4, 2013

Basic Income Guaranteed and Child Care – Day 323

Currently in this world, many parents, grandparents, guardians of children are worried about there child’s care either from a perspective that they can’t afford it and/or they have to leave them alone because they have to work. Not all cases are this, but there are many. Some children are not able to even see their mother or father for years on end, such as the Thailand workers working in chicken factories because their pay and work availability at the rice paddies is not enough to sustain them and travel home. So they are trapped living away from their childrens life because they can’t afford to be with them, many people in this current system are trapped due to increasing prices, increasing debt, increasing economic pressure in all arenas and the inequality that exist within all levels of the way we live life here on earth.

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The purpose of having a child is to bring them into this world and be with them to teach them how to live, how to use common sense, how to enjoy life, but how can people do this if they have to work constantly, not having any means of being able to be with the children for long periods of time. This is not the way life is suppose to be, run and determined by the amount of money you make, and make this money extremely competitive and hard to achieve a stability within.

And then we see more and more of the elite continue to gain more and more while the rest suffer and struggle to survive, actually making profit off the many who go without, bailing out trillion dollars of our own tax money to big banks, who did nothing to create a better world for all, and continue to give no support for the people that actually need it. Giving big business such as these corporate farms in the United Kingdom millions of dollars in subsidies, driving the smaller and more desperate for profit farms out of business because they can not compete as they do not get any subsidy money is creating a monopoly within the big money gainers in this world. The consequence of this is more suffer and die due to the outflows of not having money and resorting to desperate acts to get some or go without..

There needs to be a point of global assistance for all people born on this planet, not within a point of competition to get it, but within a point of unconditional giving.  This to allow the parents some leeway and space to raise their children, spend time with them, teach them, and have a breath to become aware of their child’s needs rather then constantly worried about money, bills, and work.

So what is being proposed within the equal life foundation is a point of unconditional support for those that are in need. This need will be assessed within a point of common sense and what will be best for all. So when a basic income guarantee is given, it will be given to give people an equal opportunity to a life of stability, stopping the struggle, stopping the late nights home to their children already asleep, stopping the endless grind to make it, and so giving people a sense of freedom and a ‘peace’ of mind so to speak. I mean there is enough and this is a point that we can walk towards a sustainable solution in time to come, if we as a society can implement this on a global scale and start making equality rather then inequality the way of life, then we can start to implement more freedoms and upliftment to society as a whole, to start to correct this way of life from decay to expansion. Basic income guarantee is a step forward to see the change we all want in this world so our children can be safe, cared for each one, and have parents that are there, supportive, and ready to guide them to the best potential they can be. This starts with money and it has to be equalized for all to see any change in this world, this is fact.  

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