Sunday, January 20, 2019

Some More on My Journey with Self Honesty and DIP - Day 574

"2. The Principle of Self-Honesty

Reflecting on myself and seeing every part of me (the good, bad, and ugly) without bias or judgment so that I can take responsibility to change that which I no longer accept and allow."

So in past blogs I shared on different aspects of self honesty and how I have lived these words for myself, though this process is a journey I have found, it is not something that I can see ending. This is because self-honesty always challenges you, always pushes you to your outer limits and then pushes beyond that, so it's like an expanding (as I see it) adventure we are on. The adventure is the process one walks as you touch depths that have been untouched for eons of time within self, we have through alignments being made and lived, finally got an understanding of who we are and how we relate to the mind consciousness system. This is explained immensely in and all topics of human and all life.

This process of self-honesty also requires real humility and understanding as one face the most intense parts about this world and about self within it all. One point I have found that has been solid throughout my ten years of walking this process with self honesty is the fact that whatever opens up and is here to be introspected and considered in my honesty, I find the moment it opens up I realize and have a trust within me that I will see it through, that I can handle it, that I must walk this path and see it through to realize who I am within it. I find this point of adventure is lined within this process of self honesty because one is always pushing the edge of one's existence, though it also is a simplistic process in terms of the repetition of tools that are used and support you throughout, they are often referred to as 'The Basics'.

The self honest path of life brings you to question yourself and ask yourself who will you be in the face of your own abuse, the worst of yourself, the pain, the suffering you caused others, and deciding in moments how to direct oneself through all the accumulated consequence that has been accrued. This task seems scary at times and at times it is, though through these moments one can and does empower oneself if lived in self honest consideration and live the solution that is best for all. I have fallen hundreds of times, but that does not stop me as it is said it doesn't matter how many times you fall, what matters is that you get up and make a change for the better. This is what matters, the life that is being created through these realizations of self in one's own inner self honest moments one is going to face and decide on.

There is always support, one must though align with one's self honesty and live this as who one is to access these parts of self that have always been here, waiting to be 'found' and 'discovered' yet it is just an illusion, we have always been here walking with everything, self honesty brings what is real into awareness for us to face and live as a redefinition to keep walking the path of self creation in what is best for all.


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