Sunday, July 17, 2016

Eqafe Hangout: The Pace of Breath - What does this mean? - Day 513

In this hangout we are going to discuss the Kryon series - The Pace of Breath interview:

We will be discussing how we often go into emotional overwhelming experiences, and where do these come from sometimes seemingly out of nowhere?

Also what parts of the mind are involved with emotional overwhelmingness experience?

What are the relationship dynamics going on within the body and mind interactions that cause such experiences of emotional overwhelmingness to occur and with such intensity?

What support is available within the interview and the hangout guests experiences of walking the desten-i-process to move themselves from a point of mind emotional overwhelmingness to self awareness in self empowerment?

What tools are available to support one to get out of the mind emotions and empower oneself to have self control?

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