Friday, May 13, 2016

What I have Learned - Day 508

I have learned a lot about myself and about what I am capable of through walking this process of living in a way that is best for all, not that I am always living in this way, but that I am creating myself and that I am a plus one always to find solutions for myself to be best and for this world to be best. Why am i capable of this because i have proven to myself that I can live this through changing addictions, thought patterns, releasing energy holds, find solutions to problems, expanding my world beyond my limits, challenging myself beyond my fears, and getting through once impossibility to becoming proficient and stable within the action. I do like walking this process, I like the challenge of it, and I like to realize my own perseverance within what it takes to walk this, through the mind layers and the worst of myself. I have never in a million years thought I would ever be where I am today, yet I am not yet even close to the true potential that exist within me, and furthermore where I am now within myself seems much more real and substantial then I have ever been.

What I have realized through walking self forgiveness, self investigation, self commitment to change, and integrating through practicing the living change in is that this is a process that will take everything one has to birth as life, and in the end of it, it will have been worth every drop of suffering, I can’t hardly speak to the unfathomable untapped potential that exist within and as human beings on this earth today. We are living a minuscule percent of who we really are, and what we are capable of as equal and one to the life source that has created all of this physical existence, we are the creators equal and one in fact. We are it, equal and one, we are life forever. I heard this saying shared by bob marley the other day where, he was discussing money and was asked how much riches he had? He said what is rich? I am life forever. And I mean in fact this is for real, though one can only access life here in the physical and only can become equal and one here in this physical existence to be an individualized life being, so that is why it’s imperative to start walking process now. It seems like ‘come on, what, we are living life, we are cool, life is great’, but if you really look inside yourself you know we are not living life. You will see misery, fear, anxiety, worry, desires to be more, rich, free, and never able to really truly feel comfortable and safe. Yes, some have all the riches materially, but they are not free, they are bound equal and one to the outcome of this existence and if one is enslaved we all are enslaved. Having these emotions and ups and downs of life within our very selves is not stability, is not grounded, is not what is best.

Self responsibility is a process to understand and realize the best of ourselves, it is the furthest thing one wants to look at when waking up and realizing what one has done in this life, causing massive amounts of harm and abuse – if one looks at your thoughts, they are of abuse, twisted, and sick, this is not to judged because it’s programmed, we have been programmed by external sources as we have abdicated ourselves to others as god, as the government, as leaders, as celebrity, the list goes on, though we eqaully have the capability to re-program or create ourselves into the best versions of ourselves. This is all a direct ability within each one, and desteni supports with this creation of self and the tools to see it through. We are equal and one responsible for who each one has created themselves to be here, this is a fect. Meaning in the afterlife you will face all of yourself, so there is no escape. So it’s to understand self within one’s mind, walk the process of self change at that many are walking, and stand up for solutions that are best for all.

One of the greatest tools I can part with you here and has supported me throughout my process thus far has been perseverance, I have made it my duty, challenge, and joy to walk and understand myself as my mind and so change myself into life and do what is best for all. I see the potential in myself and the life that is here as all, and the beauty and magnificence that this vision holds of a life of all living their utmost potential has been motivating and supporting me throughout my journey to life by living this word perseverance.

How I lived this word was first I committed myself to never give up, even if I fall, even if I am ready or on the brink of giving up, I breath and move through the storm because there is always a calm, and I continue on. I find ways of understanding, I ask questions, I do research, I observe myself and others, I test points and see what I find, I make mistakes and learn a lot, I become humble and realize I must change, I bear the grit of the pain, I breath through the emotions, and I appreciate the position I am in as a life walker, someone who has the potential to birth as life and be a solution for the world that is to come heaven on earth. I never ever ever give up on myself and I am learning now how to never ever give up on others who are me in fact. So this never giving up is expanding into more and more of my world as I expand more and more into the world.

We all have this potential within us, to be our best in our potential, each one realizes this point and must make the decision to walk this for themselves – no one can make this decision but self. Though realize, there is always support, always solution, and a community of life here that is waiting, willing, and able to assist and support you as I have been assisted and supported and how I have assisted and supported myself. So everything is here to be able to walk this process, one just has to simply start and realize if you never give up, you will make it, that is key that we never give up on ourselves and so life here in what is best for all. Perseverance is the engine that moves you through it all, it’s quite a process, but can be an enjoyable one based on perspective. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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  1. Fantastic and inspiring. Thank you Garb!

  2. to persevere, no matter the challenge, is having resolve. Great post LP