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Redefining the Word Precision to Live – Day 478

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Precision is within past blogs as how I looked at it, the movement of creating perfection. To exist in precision means you are existing within the action of moving into a perfection within your living. Though I would say this is not tangible enough to create a platform of living it in my world and so I will continue to look at this word and redefine it so I can live it in my day to day life. First I will allocate where I stand within the word.

Precision for me is something that I believed I could not reach or attain due to the effort that it would take to do this. I also believed that you have to be highly intelligent to live in such a way as precise because of the factors and calculations that you have to make to live in such a way. Though I realize precision does not have to be so out there, but I can in fact make it my own. I will first do some self forgiveness on this word to clear it and redefine it to live it in a way that is real for me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe the word precision has to be lived in a way that is done with full attention, and so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am not focused enough nor disciplined enough to live in a way of precision.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give into resistances within living the word of precision and/or perfection due to the physical effort it requires and attention and specificity it’ll require to maintain.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe the idea that I have to be perfect in all moments of my living within walking precision and that I can not make a mistake.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that precision is something that has to be done perfectly all of the time.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe the idea that I am too clumsy and distracted to be able to hold my attention for long periods of time to live the word precision and exist within a detailed specificity within who I am.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I have to be highly intelligent to be able to live precise and specific.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize, and understand that precision is a function of movement and so within my expression of this I will expand and grow as my expression expands and grows within my living of this word.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear giving up and giving into resistances.

I commit myself to walk the process of living the word precision by standing within a movement of self discipline and self movement in the face of resistance and distraction.

I commit myself to push myself beyond my perceived limits of doing in moments where I see I want to give up.

I commit myself to push my limits of specificity through investigating what I am doing in writing and researching and live knowledge that supports my growth and expansion in moving into self perfection through applying the living of precision in all that I do.

I commit myself to walk precision in each moment through daily movements of my physical body and what I move in my world through breath awareness and body awareness.

Precision through word play –

Pre – decision
Precise – incision
Pre - see – dawn
Pre – see – shun

So interesting word play here, I see some of the main points within this word is the specific nature that is lived within it due to the words of ‘precise – incision’ this showing that like within a doctors incision for surgery, how precise they have to cut due to the fragile nature of the human organs and skin they a are cutting through that could cause serious injury or even death. So to live precision one have to be as specific and detailed as one would be within making an incision into the flesh of the body, the care and unwavering understanding of the moment of decision to cut has to be true and stable within self. One has to be specific on how exactly one will move from one point to the next, one has to take care where the actions will lead as a cause and effect one’s movement will have on self as well as the environment one will be creating within, and one also has to use self awareness and calculations of the physical environment to create an accurate and efficient movement forward to give the least amount of harm to all and so in turn will be living what is best for all. This goes along with most of the other word play words I wrote out, where one has to live within a way of pre-deciding in each moment who one is going to be before the incision is made, you have to decide in the moment who one is and within the act of precision one has to be certain and stable in this decision or risk harm to the environment and one’s own creation as such.

My mentor Bernard Poolman once told me that the simplest way to live and also the best way is to live what is best for all, this way one is always consider and so everyone and everything else is consider equally as well. This aligns perfectly with the walking of precision as if I pre decide each time to walk what is best then the perfection in the moment is the outflow. I realize that this will take a process to walk, but the mathematical calculation of this starting point living the word precision to do what is best for all will support in fulfilling the living of this word that I discussed in an earlier blog is creating movement into perfection, and this is what I decide in my live, living what is best for all in this world and life.

So to redefine the word precision to live, I see it within living it in a starting point of what is best for all so the outcome of perfection is certain. And also living it within a care of self movement as well as self awareness to ensure one is moving in a calculated way that is planned out and specific so to ensure the highest potential of the moment is reached. I see this from a personal stand point walking the word precision is to push myself beyond my resistances in moments where I want to give up or give in, but don’t. This I find will be lived within breath awareness as living in breath is living in the moment here, and only here in the moment can one consider what is best with the information that is here and so live it in the precise action it’ll take to fulfill. This is an ongoing process and will through time show the results as I continue to specify myself, learn, grow, and expand within my application of precision leading to perfection by always ensuring my starting point is what is best for all as this mathematical equation always equals perfection. This is what is being walked in this journey to life, self perfection in living, precision is a word to live that’ll supports with this so I am grateful.

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