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Looking at the Word Precision – Day 475

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Precision of Self – Day 474

My goal for this word precision is to live it in a way that it supports with being more specific and exact within my every day activities, I know that I will not perfect this word in my living in a short period of time, though I do see that with consistency and movement within my self change this word has a huge potential for accelerating my living into the sphere of my utmost potential. So with that being said, I will have a look at where I stand within this word at the moment. Well first I will look at the definition from the dictionary of what this word means:

Precision: noun - the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate

“Precision is similar to perfection in that both words suggest that something could not possibly be better. However, perfection describes something that's flawless, such as a beautiful sunset. Precision, on the other hand, is more about accuracy, like computing the exact second that the perfect sunset will occur.”

So I like the distinction that is made here within the words precision and perfection as they are very similar, but are not as they are not lived within the same contexts. Precision is more a form of movement within a mathematical equation, where perfection just is, meaning there is no movement within it, it is what it is wholly. So that is a cool understanding based on the belief that I had and I am sure many had of precision being something that is within perfection, but in actuality it is more relating to movement and mathematics. My partner sees life in many ways in terms of mathematics, and I am more and more finding it very fascinating as I have never looked at life in this way, but the more I look, the more I see all life is in fact mathematical. Perfection being the final result, where as precision is the movement to get to this final result of perfection. 

Precision within the way I have lived it has been something that I have always been fascinated by and enjoyed within different areas of study or activity that I have endeavored in, but there was an inherent belief within me that I did not have the ability to be precise, I was too clumsy, too impatient, too lazy to get to a point where I can express precision. Though, I have in moments expressed this specifically within my work or if I am in a physical activity such as writing up a proposal or cleaning something that is dirty, I will ensure I am precise within my movements as well as precise within the way in which I clean where I will calculate the size of the area, ensure I hit all areas calculated, and clean in a precision within the intensity as well as the veracity of my movements to ensure each layer is cleaned as precisely as the last.

This creates a point of perfection in a way where the cleanliness of the floor is satisfied for a amount of time to my liking, which also can create a precision within the efficiency of my movements within my cleaning schedule for instance and ensure my body is being used in it's most efficient capacity. Also, it creates a point of understanding that perfection is changing, meaning that when one reaches a perfection, through life there will always be a movement that will ensure that one keeps standing as this perfection as the floor will not stay perfect forever, but will have to be constantly moved into a perfection again and again as I consistently apply the actions of precision within cleaning it. So there is many factors to consider within this word of precision and there can surely be many benefits.

There is also a feeling of accomplishment within giving it my all within what I do and this is lived when I can execute a form of precision within what I do which will create the living of perfection, this not only benefiting myself but others as well. I find this action of being precise within what I do is done within a form of self determination and self satisfaction where I am not doing it for anyone else, but my own standards of living and existing for myself. So I have displayed precision within my living in ways that I am satisfied with, though my mind tends to tell me that I have not done it at all in a way that is satisfactory, and of course I realize there is always room for improvement.

I will do some self forgiveness and self correction to clear the word in my next blog and look at moving into the scenario I describe in my earlier blog of living precision as well as the support words to move through this possession point of self compromise I have been existing in for quite some time. This to ensure I change to stand in all I do with precision in the course of action I decide to walk in each moment to moment I am here. This course of living precise is for the end goal which is living what is best for all life and living in self honesty, which will create real living perfection as heaven brought to earth.

I will continue in my next blog. Thanks for reading.

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