Friday, October 23, 2015

Solitary Confinement – The Ills of Our Creation - Day 479

I listened to the interview by Sunette on the horrors of what happens when someone is locked away in solitary confinement, how the mind activates and becomes accentuated because there is no other stimulus beside yourself and so in essence what one is thinking. I can relate to the way in which the person spoke in this interview in realizing the tremendous confusion and fear that can be created within one’s mind especially if there is no help or support within one’s reach. I of course can’t relate completely as I have never been in solitary confinement, but within my own mind and where I have been at my lowest, I can only imagine how bad it can be.

The mind can create really any scenario if one allows themselves to participate within the thoughts, for example, the thought of believing oneself to be dirty. In one’s mind, they see dirt on their skin, the clean it off, but still the thoughts come that they are dirty, so they see dirt and bacteria and microscopic bugs all over their skin, to everyone else around them it is clean skin, normal looking, nothing dirty to be seen. Inside the person having this ‘delusion’ the dirt is there, they can feel it, they can even see it, so they scrub their skin, the scrub and scrub and scrub until they make themselves bleed. The mind can if one is not grounded in reality by living and walking with activities and living beings here each moment, get lost as the mind can take one to more and more dimensions, deeper and more complex, this is what it lives off of, it is feeding off the energy these thoughts are creating. We all in some degree or another can relate to the scenario of the mind taking us places that is so out of this world and not where we wanted to go or exist within, but it feels as though there is no way out, this is all there is. But this is not all there is, there is life beyond the mind and this life exist within all living beings on this planet. There are tools to support one to go from the mind dimensions to physical reality grounded in what is real. This process along with the tools to bring one to self awareness is being walked by the desteni I process, so it is possible to direct one’s mind, free oneself from these mind constructs of illusion that can be created, and move into a stability within one’s living through directing oneself in one’s world and reality. The tools are here and it’s being walked by many.

In a world that is best for all, which is my starting point always, solitary confinement is a scenario which is unnecessary and rather abusive and unhealthy. The person who ends up in such a scenario is not benefiting or having any chance of rehabilitation within such conditions as even though the did harm onto others to get in that position, the act of forgiveness and self change should be available to all who are willing. Though I agree that a rehabilitation process should for sure be enacted with restraints dependent on the state of the delusion one is in to ensure the safety of others as well as themselves, this to be determined and understood with more real time feedback when a new system is in place that cares for life equally, which is the only scenario where the starting point of what is best for all is able to be fulfilled. Though I don’t see solitary confinement as a solution as it leaves the person in their own delusions and without any tools or support, it is creating more consequence within the person and within the environment they will end up in eventually or will cause death which should also be avoided as best as possible.

The structure of the prison system in general is a barbaric one where we lock people away as a point of out of sight out of mind, not recognizing or taking responsibility as a whole for why the person is there in the first place and having any care for the forgiveness and change that is possible for each one that is willing. The option and process should always be available to all to walk, where the facilitation of each person in prison or not should have access to, and support to learn and understand who they are as life and that the potential for the highest expression exist within all in the living principles of self honesty, self forgiveness, self change, and living what is best for all. Solitary confinement has no purpose in this regard, but to lock away a ‘problem’ that we in the end are all responsible for and in reality are equal and one with. We must stop locking our problems away, but face them, forgive them, and change ourselves to create solutions so we can change this world from a prison planet to the potential that exist here where all are living within a way that is self honest and best for all life in all ways.

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