Monday, June 30, 2014

What Does It Mean to Be and So Live the Word: Gentle - Day 417

My partner and I have been looking at the dimensions of this word and how we are practically going to live this within ourselves as well as starting the process to apply it with each other. The first dimension I am looking at within the living of the word gentle is a form of taking care of myself and of another. What does taking care of another and myself mean in this context is that within the principle of treating others as how I would like to be treated and using this as a guideline to live this word in everyday living, I can see that I will embody the living of the word care because of my consideration within this principled lived out. If I care for another as I would myself then I am in the same way taking care of myself, I am caring for life in all it’s forms within this principle because caring for another as myself, I realize I will want the best for myself and so I will live the best for others then equally. So within myself, I see I have to align and so correct any points that are not aligned within this principle through writing self forgiveness and self corrective statements. Through this process of correcting myself, I realize that I will then take responsibility for my actions as well as the outflow consequences of my actions with others and be able to direct myself in a way that is caring and so walking the process to becoming and living gentleness.

The next dimension I am looking at within being gentle is where I see I have to embody a humility with myself as well as others in my world, the definition of humility being:

Humility - noun - a modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness.

So through living out this word humility, I will be living within the principle of care and so gentleness as I allow myself to become without desire or driven within self interest as I ensure that the other is treated as an equal to myself. This through applying breath and stepping back, letting go of ego driven self interest and desires, which is living only for one’s self importance and pride. I must let go of that which is driven by my self interest and so my ego, which is driven by the mind to embody and so be able to in physical living, live gentleness and care with others. By releasing my ego through correction in writing and living the change, I can start to become self directed as my awareness will start to step forth. Expressing in a way that is real and done within a self-decision of walking the process of correction and then living what one has realized within the alignment of principles that is best for all, is a sure way to become the living embodiment of these words that will support others and oneself, and so support all life as I would like to live this word gentle for myself and others I meet.

Another dimension I see I have to look at within living this word gentle is who am I within myself in relation to being gentle? Am I a gentle person to myself in my thought, word, and deed? f I don’t become gentle with myself and take care of myself, how can I expect to do this for another? I commonsensical see that this is not possible, as the principle of life reads, “as within, so without”. I can see this as well as I become harden and stubborn within myself when I hold on to my views, my rights, my ideas, my opinions, my, my, my, and so not in any way live in a way of care and so gentleness. I see that within this act of becoming harden and stubborn within myself, I am actually hiding fears and so living in fear, not able to live in a way of gentleness or caring because I am being pre-occupied with fear in my mind reality absent from physical reality. So another alignment that is required is to continue to walk my self process within correcting all the fears that come up within me and so on the other side, all the desires as these two experiences within are balancing each other out. When I fear I try and compensate with desire, feeling good, getting a high only to return again to the fear as it never goes away as I am accepting it is real. So walking this process in aligning with principles of life and living words, such as the word gentleness will support what is best for all and so always again what is best for self.

I will continue in following posts with self forgiveness and self corrective statements. Thanks for reading.

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