Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential - Day 416

"1. Realizing and living my utmost potential" - writing from The Desteni of Living - My Declaration of Principle

When I look at this commitment principle within myself, I see a decision that I have to make in each moment, meaning to become and live the utmost potential within a moment will take a physical movement within me, it will not come automatically. Realizing and living my utmost potential is something that I see happens over time and happens in a progression of moments, events, and/or living experiences. But the key factor within this is who I am and what I will do with the moments that are here. This principle is able to be embodied as myself in every breath I take if I so decide it, this is the fulfillment I would say of this principle, living and embodying the expression of self of fully doing the best one is able to do in each moment to the best of their ability.

Another factor comes up within me as I look at this and it’s the point of knowing when I have reached my utmost potential, and within this I would say that the serving of others within living in the best way I am able to in each moment that is here is serving myself and so all others equally in benefit. Fulfilling this within the action of doing the best I am able to in the moment, giving as I would like to receive is a factor to also embodied when fulfilling one’s utmost potential. I have found that when I give of myself to support and assist others and do the best I am able to then I am satisfied within myself, there is a point of stability and calmness within understanding that I gave it my all and I supported and assisted others in the venture I just undertook.

I have found in the moments when I am not living within my utmost potential, there is a point of uncomfortableness within me, like a stirring or a restlessness within me that I can see, realize, and understand that I have not fulfilled this principle within me and that I did not support others as I would for myself.  So within the living of this principle of living my utmost, I can flag point this uncomfortable experience within me to support myself to see that I am not walking in the direction of self support and so supporting others, but compromising myself.

There will always be a decision, a decision to direct myself within walking my utmost potential in each moment or not walking this and so giving in to self interest. Self interest where you are not supporting others as you would want for yourself and not doing your best within the actions you are living, including expanding and growing to new points within who you would ever think yourself to be. This is a process of living and investigating oneself because we have never really had a clear understanding of ourselves within who we really are, what we are really capable of, and really pushing our limits and boundaries in a principled and best for all life way. Though, I realize this principle (as well as the other's within this declaration) stands throughout and will always stand as a support for self to walk towards and so embody my utmost potential and giving as I would like to receive until it no longer is a process, and I am always living this here breath by breath as I walk.

More to come in the next blogs. Thanks for reading.

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