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Day 199 – “Taking things Personal” Personality – Memory Dimension – Self Correction

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Day 198- ‘Taking things Personal’ Personality - Memory dimension

"I found within this emotion of embarrassment, I went into a point of resistance towards the girl at work because I immediately blamed her for this feeling I was having based on the memories that was going on within me that I was unconsciously accessing within the moment of blame."

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into a point of resistance towards the worker based on blaming her for the feeling of embarrassment that was coming up within me when she confronted me about being late. I realize and understand that when I allow blame, I am not taking responsibility for the point that I am being faced with, thus I see and understand that memories are coming up that have activated this point of justification for the blame, and so within myself I believe I am justified because I am not seeing my own responsibility within this but only pointing fingers at her.

I commit myself to stop and breath when and as I go into a point of emotion as embarrassment and breath through all the reactions of energy that will persist with this, I push myself to continue to walk the process of stopping my memories and thus my thoughts from directing me into a point of separation with the person/situation I am reacting to and walk the solution that will be best for life.

I commit myself to stop all blame in the moment to thus access my self power to change through equality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to thus fear being exposed as ‘weak’ in front of others, and thus when my ‘character’ was questioned within this point by this worker of being seen as ‘not on top of myself/at my best’, I accessed embarrassment based on this memory I was holding onto of being in the wrong and being caught 'red handed' so to speak with no defense, which made me feel embarrassed.

I commit myself to when and as I go into a point of allowing a memory to direct me into feeling something about myself within an emotion or feeling, I stop and breath, and let go of the energy attached to this memory as embarrassment  and walk the correction through finding a solution not being directed by this feeling and so stopping the mind as energy and living from the physical as my living.

Also, I commit to walk the equality of all within the conflict situation even if it is not being lived within the physical, push myself to find compromise and the best solution that will work for all no matter the resistances I face within me and within my world.

I commit myself to stop my actions as outflows that lead to abuse knowingly as I have now walked a process to see that such as, these memories that have energy attached to them as embarrassment is not supporting me.

I commit to use my breath to walk through the energy waves and stop the reactions, and thus walk the correction in writing and in my living by pushing myself always in my application never giving up.

"I really disliked being embarrassed based on the way it made me feel back in those days of being alone and being seen by others as less then who I wanted to be seen as, so based on defining myself by how others saw me, I was now defining myself based on others reactions towards me."

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have an opionion about being an emotion such as embarrassment, where I placed a value judgment on embarrassment as if this is something that I don’t or can’t be as this will make me be seen as weak by others.

And thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to place value on something in this world based on fear of how others are going to see me. I realize and see that placing value on this judgment I have made of others opinions of me is only limiting myself and so I will always be subject to these judgments as this is how I am defining myself by, always in separation to what is here as good/bad. I realize and see that within this point of separation, I will disempower myself and not have the resolve to walk the change as I am not absolute, but separated with myself and my world which is the mirror of me within, and so separating myself from my own self freedom in oneness and equality in a world that is lived best for all.

I commit myself to when and as I go into a point of separation with others, I stop and breath, and come to solutions immediately within the realization that I am here and this here is all me, I push what is best for all in my living, so this will have to change within my outer world to align with my inner world. The outer is always a reflection of the inner in all dimensions and thus to see this change as what I realize can be within what is best for all, I simply must do it.

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