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Day 209 – Exploring Self-Acceptance – I Can’t Stand Alone

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into this fear of  ‘I can’t stand alone’ within the starting point of fearing looking bad/stupid in front of other people in where I will not have a point of acceptance towards them based on my belief that if I have to stand alone within who I am and go against others, I will be able to be rejected. I realize and see within this point of self compromise due to fear in where I will not push myself to do things that is outside of my comfort zone and stand alone within who I am as an individual, I am limiting my self expression exponentially due to this belief that I need others to accept me to feel normal and ok within myself and thus I will be free of being rejected if I just act like the group even though they don’t stand up for life in equality and oneness, which I realize is really what life is and what is important in this life here.

I commit myself to when and as I go into this belief that I have to act and be a certain way to be accepted and thus go into a suppression of my expression based on fear, I stop and breath, and do not accept myself to limit my expression based on this belief and fear. I stop all the thoughts attached to these beliefs and fear of rejection by breathing through them not accumulating them within me. I commit myself to push my own self expression of being ok with who I am and walking with what I would like to express in and be within myself in enjoyment, and stop this belief that I have to be a certain way for others to like me so I don’t have to stand alone by not accepting it as valid and real through standing alone if this is the correct point to walk to show what is best for all in my own directiveness of life in common sense.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself this belief that I am not able to stand alone within who I am and thus have to at times go against the norm of society, of my friends, of my family, and thus stand up for the principles that I realize are here among all life and how I want life to be in this world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear this point of standing alone and thus created this belief that I am not worthy if I am alone, I am not ‘cool’ or ‘good enough’ compared to those who are accepted within society, and thus create this suppression within myself that I am not cool and not good enough because I have been defining myself by how many friends I have and defining standing alone or being alone as someone who is not worthy, is not good enough, thus I have created this definition of myself within relation to when in my life I am standing alone through my definition of someone who is a loser and is not as worthy to those in a group and have a lot of friends are thus cool and worthy. This I realize is my reaction in fear within myself of not being cool or seen as cool by others, and thus defining myself as a loser and unworthy because I am now the one alone.

I forgive myself that I have accept and allowed myself to define those that stand alone as losers and not worthy because of this fear within me of being defined this way by others as a loser and unworthy. I realize that those that don’t accept me or don’t agree with me is their own self willed decision, and it doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with me or what I am doing, but is the decision they made within themselves. I realize I must stop defining myself and defining being alone as a negative point, and thus I realize I must stop this judgment of those that stand alone as those who are not cool and not worthy, and walk reality for real, what is actually physically happening and stand within the point of principle in what is best for all in all ways that this will have to be stood within by myself till it is here within life absolute.

I commit myself to when and as I go into this point of definition of defining those who are alone as negative in comparison to those in a group based on a fear of being rejected I have created about standing alone, I stop and breath, and when this rejection fear come up, breath through the reaction of fear and continue to walk the physical points I am walking within myself of committing myself to stand up for life in all ways, and that is either in a group or alone, as it doesn’t matter where I am doing it, what matters is what I am doing and what I am standing for, and how I am living within a way that supports these principles to be lived and manifested within all that is here as me.

So I commit myself to stand alone when I see that it is necessary in standing up for life in what is best for all as well as stand with others who stand up for life and do what is best for all, and thus breath through any and all fear of being rejected and not accepted because I realize I do not need acceptance, I am here and thus those who are here will be here with me, I never am alone so to speak as everyone is here.

I commit myself to walk the path alone or with others in establishing myself into a being who aligns with the physical one and equal and all life in this regard so all are equal in fact in the end of this process I/We are walking to align with the physical, what is real here in breath awareness as the physical.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within fear of others rejecting me based on holding onto memories of being rejected and fearing the humiliation of being singled out in front of others and seen as weak. I realize and understand I am only defining myself as weak and rejected based on this memory I am holding, and thus I push my self to live stable within me no matter what the outer present letting go of the memory and living from this moment here, stopping going into the mind of what could be or what will be, but live here in what is and walk practical solutions to what is here to live best for all, no fear or memory is needed, but just me here as breath living in common sense.

Thus I commit myself to walk these principles within and as me, and walk self acceptance with myself as well as all life in being committed to principled living, and supporting life to again walk what is best and thus I commit to walk the correction within myself of stopping all points of separation by stopping the fear and the beliefs of who I am in relation to others, and thus I commit to live who I am as life, here in full acceptance through the self understanding that I am all that is here, living in support of all and stopping the separation by stopping being directed by fear by stopping the fear when it comes up as I realize it is not real, it’s the energy from the mind.

I commit myself to when and as this fear come up of being humiliated and seen as weak if I am standing alone within a group, I stop and breath, and remain in breath focusing on who I am as life and realizing the process of all life that is currently here having to walk the process to align to the physical. I commit myself to walk my process of self purification in being able to stand alone, being my own self strength through proving in my living that I stand absolute in times of ‘toughness’ and in times of calmness, where who I am is always what is best for all, and thus I will become stable here within self as who I am is my own stability because I live this within my world by letting go of all attachments to the external world and creating this fulfillment within myself within how I live and how I treat life within and as the self relationship I have established within my own physical as myself fin who I am as life.

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