Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 200 -Back to Basics - Giving What I Recieve

I am on day 200 in this journey of writing and walking my physical process of aligning my living to be one and equal with all life in everything that I do. This journey so far has taught me many things about myself that I did not know existed, like perseverance and self disciplin. I am grateful for this journey as it is a true opportunity for each being equal and one to all other beings in this existence to be free and become again who we are as life in equality. Living simple, back to basics, were life is not about what we have or what we can get, but who we are as beings and how we treat other life as beings in communion.

I have realized that life is not to be taken for granted and we have consciously and unconsciously been taking life for granted completely. Life though is equal and balanced, thus what goes around will come around, and you will get what you give, so thus the answer is in our dilemma within the current condition and state of this world, what is it that we give, what do I give life, is it equal to what I take? Do I give to others what they give to me in learning, understanding, help and assistance? Do I give back to nature what it gives to keep me living here? Do I give to others my time and attention in the detail of living in perfection in equality that is necessary for all life to be considered always? Am I giving my all in each moment? I immediately can say no, my taking does not equal my giving, and thus an imbalance has been created within my life and my living, which is my physical body and my lack of awareness of my world. I have many pains and aches within my body as with my mind there are many pains and sufferings as fears and insecurities, but who is the one creating this, who is the one not giving what I am taking and thus causing the imbalance within and without? Me of course.

Pain and discomfort is instability within the body, just like in nature, when there is instability, there is a point of discomfort within the flow of living. In the body, when the body is not in stability, the pain is here. So I am giving myself the opportunity here to give that which I receive, through this process of living self correction within respect and honor of who I am as life and everything else that exist here as well. When life is equal and balanced within this giving and taking within myself and thus within this world, life will cease to suffer, the discomforts will be gone as we are living in the balance of life, giving what we receive in the understanding that all life is me. Taking more then what I am giving will be only done within self interest and not respecting the flow of life, thus dis-ease will occur and my life and my world will be unstable.

So I will focus and walk this correction of stopping taking life for granted and brining myself into awareness that everything that is here is life, has an awareness unto itself, has senses, has experiences, and has a story so to speak, even the speck of sand on the ground, it is life and has been on a journey within itself that has to be considered by all to realize and see life is all that exist, we are all equal, a grain of sand is equal to a human being, because we are life. The core value is life and honoring and respecting this within everything that exists, if there is any point of separation in seeing one over another, then peace will never exist, we will always cause conflict, and we will end up annihalitating ourselves as we can see is happening as we speak. We don't live in equality, but ignorance and self interest. It’s up to each one, the journey being walked in these blogs is a tool to bring yourself back to life, back to equilibrium with the life that is here as you, back to awareness of this physical existence and everything within it that is living amongst us. We miss allot, more then I care to admit, but the path is here for me to walk, so I will keep walking until I am here aware of all as myself for real as equals.

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