Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 212- Exploring Self Acceptance – Life and Death

I find myself often within my day thinking, this thinking is something I have often judged based on theknowledge I have now accumulated about what the mind and thinking do to the physical body, but I have realized that it’s not to blame or see the thinking as something bad, it’s just a point that needs to be aligned into correction so it no more cause abuse. Thinking causes abuse to the physical body directly because the way the thinking occurs is through the conflict within energy and the physical substance, the physical substance being used within the conflict relationship between the energy and the substance of the physical, that goes to the mind to generate the thought, it was designed this way by those that (see reptilian series on eqafe for more info regarding this) created the mind system. So the thinking within our minds in these alternate realities we so often go into during our days and weeks, have a consequence, a consequence of death eventually, as all the mind thinking takes away from our physical bodies directly little by little, our physical substance, and eventually cause our death as it’s been used up and not replaced, as you can see in evidence with death coming to us all.

Death is something that I have been thinking about today because I have been watching the series six feet under and as you can see within the title, the main focus of this is death. But really what is death and why am I affected like I am when I think about it? I have found I am afraid of death because I am afraid of thethoughts of something happening to my family, the death of my family members or people close to me. I am afraid of my dad or mom dying, and having to go through that pain and anguish when someone that I have known my whole life and been close to will die and suffer. But this is a point that within looking at it practically is the result of our living and not following the physical principles of life, I will face this same point, it is now part of physical life because we have created it this way, we essentially have done this to ourselves creating the death of life within and as ourselves as we have created the mind within and as ourselves (More on what the mind is, check the link).

Life is within the physical, as when we live we live here on earth, in the physical reality on the physical substance around, among, and within us allowing us to be here. The physical has laws that govern it, these laws are supportive and create life to continue and live on, it adapts and changes to create what will be best for all as we see within nature how it adapts and creates itself to live among all physical elements and conditions to eventual equilibrium and harmony. So life require a certain set of cooperation and understanding within following these laws of the physical as these are guides to live in the physical and continue to function as such as been proving in the physical in keeping life going and adapting to be best for all. Those who see aren’t going to make it in life in the physical, go into the death process to be rebirthed into another form of life where they will be again part of the change, there is no fear of this death, but a point of acceptance of self as change and the fruits are within the change that is accepted, which is new life, new creation, and growth and expansion.

So I have realized within myself that this point of change within myself in this acceptance of who I am as I am in this moment, will give way to the fruits of myself as the result of this acceptance of who I am and thus will allow me to rebirth within this acceptance to become new, and the new is life as life is creation, and thus self acceptance is accepting me as the creator of myself, the creator of my life. Within the common place of human society of non acceptance and competition, there is no room for change, there is no acceptance of self as the focus is more in the mind as desires and wants, which isn’t physical so isn’t real, which cause stagnation and a stunt within the growth of life because it is no more following the physical laws, but in a domain of the illusion were anything goes as is evidence within even a few moments in awareness of our daily thinking processes.

This not being right or wrong, but simply not productive within creating myself as and within life, who I am as life, I mean I realize the joys of this within myself, when I accept who I am in a point I see and understand of myself, and so understand myself from this point of acceptance, and thus create myself in new ways and means based on the acceptance of myself within this point. Acceptance of self leads to creativity and growth because there is no holding back, there is no mind, there is understanding and a sense of joy as in acceptance there is the joy of me, of who I am, and also the realizing of the change that will come with this acceptance and growth. This create new dimensions, new expansions of myself into new areas of life that I have not known before, but as I know of life it is everywhere, so there is much to explore. Much to explore of myself because I am life as life is one, life and me are one and all are life, so that means we are all one, thus self acceptance is accepting this fact and living this within and without of ourselves, so much possibility and much growth to still be discovered as the life we are and accept ourselves to be and become.

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