Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 85- 'I am the Victim' Character

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to go into the victim character to not have to face my actions/consequences to who I have become in the moment where the victim character was activated, thus when this is activated I realize that this is a point to take note of and change as this is an excuse to not have to face myself and walk the change that is necessary to be walked to take responsibility and honor life as myself.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to use the victim character to deflect the responsibility and consequence off of me and onto another by believing the lie within myself that it is not my fault and I had nothing to do with it as I realize within myself I am only looking out for my own interest and actually in fear of being caught and confronted so thus I use the victim character to hide essentially from myself and pin the blame on another.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become the victim character because I fear facing the consequences that I have created thus realizing that this cycle will continue were I will cause abuse and thus create consequence of conflict in my world based on me not considering others and within this will always cycle back and forth because I am missing the key point that this consequence of cycling from conflict to victim is showing me, which is me within in it not taking responsibility for myself and who I am being within the conflict situations thus I will not be able to change myself if I don't see me as the cause and continue to stay as the victim character.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to hide from myself within using this victim character to essentially become like a fake face where I can go into blame and confuse the point to a 'he said - she said' and thus accept and allow the point to continue and allow the consequences for myself and another as abuse to continue when I realize now within the moment I see I start to move into the victim character to stop and breath, and find the point of responsibility I need to stand within and as and walk the solution that is necessary to be walked to create equilibrium with the other honoring ourselves as life in each one and doing what is best for all.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to within myself believe that I am not in the wrong and it is always the other persons wrong doing because within myself I want an easy time at life and not have to push myself to walk the change because I see this as difficult and taking a lot of effort and consistency to do and thus I see that using and going into the victim character is an easy way out. Within this I realize that it may be easy for a moment, but it is the cause to my own self enslavement where I am resisting and limiting myself to an 'easy feeling', where I could walk through the feeling, take responsibility and stop abusing the life that I am and live equal and one. I realize the equality and oneness of life here is through taking responsibility and standing within this point in all facets of our life to thus establish oneness and equality with all, which is the freedom of life here for real and who we are as the substance that create all life here and is within all that exist.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to go into polarities within this victim character where I will create up dishonest points within the other as they are 'wrong' and I am 'right' and thus create this idea that this is so and this is fact when only I am being considered and in fact I am not walking the shoes of another so no point of absolution such as I am 'right' and another is 'wrong' can be claimed as I am the other and thus I realize that this polarity play-out of absolution as I claim is not in fact real because I am not considering the other who I realize is me and I am just using it to create myself more into a state of victimization so I can gain sympathy from others and get my actions validated.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to go into false statements within a polarity play-out of I am right and they are wrong within the 'hope' that others will validate me and thus I can gain a sort of energy boost within myself were I will become elated because I got attention and others are 'agreeing' with me. But within this agreement I realize and see that this is based on the dishonesties of ourselves as another is walking in separation as well going into an agreement with one who is in seperation and they themselves are equally trying to gain validation for their dishonest actions and thus it becomes a game of 'losers' where we are losing the chance at real life by taking responsibility for self and all as self and changing to consider the other equal to yourself and correct that within yourself that is not best for all, which would be to stop playing victim and stop abusing life in self interest.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to live into energy as good feelings by abusing others based on my desire to not have to face who I have become here.

I forgive myself myself for allowing and accepting myself to give my power away to ego and fear and thus accept abuse as me and separate me from who I am here as life diminishing myself and abusing life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow fear to direct me into self diminishment and thus instead accept and allow self interest as survival instead of the survival of all in care for all through living the principles of oneness and equality with all life. I realize and see within and as me that I must stop the fear, stop the self interest, stop my ego from trying to gain over others, and walk the responsibility of my consequences that I have created. Walk the writing and self forgiveness and thus change myself in my living to honor life and myself by living and creating a world that is best for all life through and within my own self living towards myself as all life. This is who we are life not abuse, so I must stop the abuse of others and myself here by stopping my fear and hiding in playing the victim character.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to go into my mind and validate this victim character by participating in the thoughts and accept them that I am right and others are to blame when I realize and see that I am not in consideration of the other but only attempting to validate my own self interest by using my thoughts as justification for the actions I am taking as victim when I realize thoughts are not to be trusted and are a point of enslavement of the human as the mind consciousness system is designed as. Thus I realize I must stop the thoughts of justification and validation of the victim character, and walk the physical process to be physical and not be directed by my mind.

I commit myself to take responsibility for my actions within and as a point where I desire to go into a victim character scenario, but stop and walk the change. I stop, breath, and do not accept and allow myself to use the victim point to point fingers and for a moment get out of facing my responsibility.

I commit to stop the backchat thoughts and diminishment of others within my mind and stand in equality and oneness here with all others in physical reality as breath and slow myself down and do not participate in the mind in self interest, but walk the correction by considering all as myself in physical common sense practical living.

I commit myself to stop my ego and self interest in only considering myself and my own feelings and thus I must stop living for feelings over the best for all life.

I commit to stop abusing life by only considering myself and walk the correction to consider and walk the consideration of all I come into contact with especially when I see that I am about to go into the victim character.
I commit myself to let go of the desire to have others like me and validate me by agreeing with me when I go into this victim character as this is an easy way to make 'friends' as I realize this is self diminishment and not real, only based on characters and self interest to be 'validated' as I am not accepting myself.

I commit myself to accept myself and all life here and walk the correction of acceptance of all and self responsibility for all as myself and walk the walk to a new world where all are honored and all characters cease to exist except the character of life that is here as physical as a breath that I am one and equal with all that exist.

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