Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 74- Being a Women

Looking at this point for myself where I have identified myself as a Women.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to identify myself as a women and within this identification bring up a picture in my head of a picture of my mom whom I compare myself to as a women. I realize and see that to be a women is not to be a picture of a mother figure as that is not all that I am as a women.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to identify the women in this world only by care taking and having children where they are needed to perform this task and thus need to dedicate their lives to raise kids and take care of the families. I realize and see that women in this world are not exclusively the care takers of the children and realize thus it takes a village to raise a child meaning that all beings within the vicinity of children and in children's day to day living should take responsibility to care and 'guide' the child equal and one to how I would have wanted to be cared and guided during that age and thus regardless of who bore the child it is all life's responsibility to take care of the young and guide them to life in equality and oneness with other life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself define women to only being in the house with the family while the male works to bring in the finances as if this is the only way of living here and thus I have accepted this as who we are as I allow it to continue to exist in this world. I realize and see within equality as principle of life within our system of living there can be created a more equilibrium between child bearing and not compromising the life of the women's expression nor the child's expression, where life will be supported in all facets of the child and women's life and thus the best opportunity for all to be free and also be cared for is sustainable in a system that treats life in equality. Within realizing this point it is for me as a human being to support all life here in ways where life in equality for all can be established by supporting all life in the process of walking and implementing an equal money system.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to within defining myself as a women within an idea in my head of what I shall expect myself as a women in this world to be seen as someone who needs to take care of children and be the keeper of the house while a man takes care of all the finances leaving the women in a trap of dependency on a male when this can be taken advantage of and abused by the male. I realize and see that giving the man the power to have all access to finances is not standing equal within the partnership as the children should not be wholey based on the female raising the child but should be done in equality within both parents, and thus within this both stand within bringing finances into the house and taking care of the children until equality is reached as otherwise the financial point can cause abuse for many beings and thus cause the female to be abused in many ways sexually, verbally, and physically.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to within defining myself as a female have an idea that I can use this point of being female as a way to getting out of having to stand equal and one to the male and thus become the submissive, fragile point within the partnership where I can use childbearing as an excuse not to push myself within my expression and submit to the life of a taking care of the kids and thus live off of the mans earnings. I realize and see within giving my power away in this instance where I do it willingly as I am not willing to stand equal to the man in this world system in walking the point to stand in all having opportunity for equal expression, thus I will have to stop submitting to the easy way out 'so to speak' and stand equal to the male as the male will stand equal to the female in raising children.

I commit myself to create myself within a way in my partnerships where I am an equal participant and don't use any point to take advantage were I desire to have an easier time or allow myself to be abused, but walk one and equal with the man in whatever I desire in my expression but not submitting to the mind as only ideas of only being a mother or a housewife as labels that this is all I can be once I get married and have a child.

I commit myself to stop the abuse within myself as my partnership where I stand equal and one to making the finances work within the relationship where I share the responsibilities as I also walk with my partner to help share the responsibilities of the care and guidance of the children and stop the roles of 'mothers do this' and 'fathers do that', but I walk as equals with all in in all parts of my world.

I commit to creating a equal money system so thus all can stand equal in fact in all areas of life, where all are able and have the freedom to walk in equilibrium with all within their world, and no restrictions are here in terms of money strain or lack of education, but all stand and walk the path to become equal and one with all life in this world which the equal money system will facilitate and guarantee if all will themselves to see and live the truth of the principles of this system which is living equal and one to all life as self.

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