Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 87- 'Why did I do that' Character - Self Commitment Statements

Walking the self correction of the this blog - Day 86 - 'Why did I do that' Character through committing myself to change through writing self commitment statements and living the statements in my world, so I no longer accept and allow this point of self sabotage and compromise as the 'Why did I do that' Character.

I commit myself to stop the value judgments of life and defining life within my perceptions as ideas and align myself with physical practical living in what is best for all so thus I live by principles of life one and equal with all and stop the self interest of separation.

I commit myself to align with physical reality within and as myself where I walk the acceptance of me as life in oneness and equality by living this as who I am through expressing myself and stopping the judgments of myself to be a certain way, thus push myself to walk freedom in expression where I stand as self integrity and self respect to create the greatest potential of my beingness and the greatest potential of life here within what is best for all through my living and example as how I would want for myself.

I commit myself to align to physical reality in what is practically necessary to create a world best for all through creating myself in the best way possible, and thus stop the separation of myself within value judgments of I am this and not that, I realize I am one with all and thus I commit myself to align with this as and within my living as words.

I commit myself to walk the alignment of me as life in oneness and equality and stop the judgments and reactions of energy when I see I have lived 'faulty'. I commit to allow myself to move myself in a natural way to walk the correction and stop the energy movements as reactions and emotions/feelings.

I commit myself to let go of the energy as the mind illusion of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas, and walk the correction to life here as the physical in oneness and equality.

I commit to stand here and correct myself when I see the 'why did I do that' character show itself as I let this go, and stop the fear and suppress and stand as the correction by facing what I have to face and living as the principle of what is best for all.

I commit to stop the desire for the approval of others and align myself with life here in whatever form in walking a new world best for all through and as my self living with all those who walk this walk as well to the oneness here as physical as life.

I commit myself to let go of this desire for approval and fear of others humiliating and outcast me, and thus stop the check character I created as self sabotage which keeps me in line to fall in with others approval instead I commit to align with life and not accept anything less then what is best for all and where all life live in equality with how I would want to live for myself.

I commit myself to stand here as me in oneness and equality as all and stop changing myself as my idea, picture, words, actions, to appease others in an attempt to like me.

I commit to walk here as self in humbleness and walk with those who stand for life and walk to align self with the process of oneness and equality to thus become peaceful here and have all life be in support and thus stand by principles as life stopping desire for self acceptance.

I commit to accept myself here among all as me.

I commit myself to let go of the memory of kids teasing me and being outcasted, and thus walk here in breath in what is here to be done in this moment letting go of the past and allowing myself to live here free.

I commit myself to stop the fear of humiliation and being outcasted and thus align with the physical not taking what is here personally realizing life is in the process of alignment to equality and oneness and thus walk my process in writing, self forgiveness, self commitment statements and living, and thus I can walk an example for others as others have done for me.

I commit myself to let go of this 'why did i do that' character and so walk the respect and integrity of myself by allowing myself to enjoy life and express here in freedom and stop the sabotage of myself to an idea that I don't deserve to live.

I commit myself to stop the idea of 'I don't deserve to live' and walk the process to equality were life is free and able to live in this freedom through ourselves living it.

I commit myself to live equal and treat all as myself within this process walk and stop the separation of thoughts, words, deeds, as some are better then others.

I commit myself to stop the desire for perfection within the idea and picture I can create through my mind and stand here within the physical process of creating myself as this world in perfection through my living and the living system I create here with all who are willing to walk one and equal as life.

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