Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 93 - The 'Perfect Picture' Character -Ideal

Looking at the point here of the 'picture perfect' character where I have created a polarity play-out with myself and this picture. This picture ideal as the perfection I can be is just that a picture, is a picture in my mind life? no it is not, as it is not stable, not substantial, and not able to be tangibly touched or moved, so thus I am basing my whole self on this picture of perfection which is the positive play-out that I am cycling in and as within my idea of myself here living day to day is the negative play-out of not perfect, not ideal, not the best. So thus I am cycling within this play-out of myself of seeing myself as less then this picture in my mind, but here realizing that it's not real and thus can not be something I define myself by so thus I will use self forgiveness to let go of this value I am placing on a picture in my mind and just be self here one and equal with all.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to place a positive charge on this picture of perfection that I have within my mind where I am giving more value to this picture and creating a negative charge to self here as I am living day to day where I am existing within myself as less then this perfect picture ideal that is placed in my mind. I realize and see that life is more then pictures as the picture indicate only the physical expression and thus do not define the being but only is what it is and thus within this I realize that life is all that exists so thus what is here is life nothing more and nothing less, all equal and one. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to place more value on a picture in my mind and thus create the polarity play-out of less then as myself here living in the physical reality as I can never live up to this ideal and thus continually sabotage myself as I allow comparison, competition, judgments, and jealousy to direct me within my world as I am not stable but in constant conflict because I see myself bad and thus chasing this ideal as the good of what I can be through having in place this perfect picture ideal in my mind to define myself from. I realize and see that to hold onto an ideal as a value judgment of perfection within what it mean to be a human, I will constantly and continuously sabotage myself and separate myself from others and as I am constantly existing within a point of definition and comparison based on this value judgment I am holding onto as perfection being the 'positive' = best and anything less is the 'negative' = bad so thus I realize to stop the picture in my mind I have to stop the polarity playout as good/bad within judging life in such a way. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to place more value on this picture and thus desire to live up to this picture so thus I use the picture to compete and compare myself with others in my world and all i look at are the pictures thus missing life here within self. I realize and see that there is no value but life in equality and oneness here with all and living as all so thus I only live within what is best for all as this honor and lives out the principle of what life is one and equal among all. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to miss myself here as life by only looking and valuing the pictures I see and thus judging and comparing and competing with myself here because I have created a value judgment of 'good' pictures and 'bad pictures held in place by my 'picture perfect' ideal that is in my mind being continually charged as I am allowing the judgments of myself as life. I realize and understand that the pictures are just an expression of the physical within the dna makeup of the human body and thus I stop the value judgments I am placing onto these pictures by thus stopping the 'perfect picture' ideal in my mind. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting an ideal picture in my mind as perfection that is constantly being upgraded and redefined to keep me locked in this cycle of self sabotage as I am sabotaging myself by existing as this perfect picture when it can be lived out because it is not real. I realize and see that this ideal picture in my mind that I have created is not real and thus I must stop giving it power by stopping the participation in the thoughts, judgments, comparisons, and competition point within and throughout my world.

More to follow on this point.

I commit myself to let go of the pictures within my mind as perfection by releasing the positive charge as well as releasing the negative charge as myself here in this idea I hold of me within self judgments, and become what life is here in the physical in breath one and equal with everything and everyone by practically stopping my participation in the comparisons, competition, and judgments point that are keeping this separation going.

I commit myself to let go of value judgements of life as positive/negative polarity charge and thus be here in the physical as I walk the stability point as life here by breathing and moving myself within my physical body, not accepting and allowing the thoughts of judgment direct me but directing myself by deciding to stop the participation and living it.

I commit myself to stop the value judgments of picture within a polarity of 'positive' or 'negative' and thus witin this stop the competition and comparisions and thus stand here as life as what is best for all through walking this in my practical living and changing myself to thus stand stable here.

I commit myself to let go of this picture of perfection within my mind as my ideal through letting go of the placement of value I am giving to pictures in my world and thus use breath as a point of physical stability so thus I can walk this point of not participating int the judgments, comparisons, and competition and thus stopping the picture in my mind from directing me as it is no more being fueled by the negative and positive charge I was creating through judgment, comparison, and competitions. and live it here. 

I commit myself to only value life here in what is best for all where I always honor the equality and oneness of who we are as life as self.

I commit myself to let it go and breath and live from the physical reality to thus be able to stop the mind dimension as pictures and live in the physical for real. 

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