Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 75- "Sexy Flirt" Character

Here looking at the character I have created as being female and using my sexuality as mannerism to get attention from others especially the opposite sex, this to lure in a man and start the walk to get him in bed and calling him my boyfriend.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to create myself in a way to lure in other males through being sexual in my mannerism and words as in flirting, so I can use them for my own happiness and satisfaction within my self interest and addictions. I realize and see that accepting myself to become a certain character as within being sexual in nature to get another to like me is not real liking as I am not real as I am just putting on an act to get my needs met in the end and thus I see and understand I must stop the fake act as putting on this sexual flirt character to lure in a guy as I realize guys are drawn to the sexual side of women and get tempted easily by this.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to demean the act of sex within using it as a temptation for males to come to me and pay attention to me so I can get my nice feelings by using my body and words in a sexualized way were I know the man can't resist and thus I get an easy access to the man I desire through using sex as a means to get to an end for me. I realize and understand that within this relationship of using myself as a sex object for men I will be seen in such a way as I am demeaning my self respect and the respect of life in the act of playing a character to get sex from flirting and playing into this sexy role. I realize that I must stop this character playout of the sexual flirtatous character and walk equal and one to the man as myself to thus create equalibrium within the communication and direction within what I stand for and what Life is, which is to be honored and respected within all facets, and not used for my own self interest.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to use life in self interest where I comprimise my own self standing by desiring more to have my happiness desires fufilled by being with the man I want and thus using myself as my physical bodies in ways that is not real nor true to who I am as life. I realize and understand to walk the correction I must stop my desires for happiness and thus stop using myself as my body in ways that will not support myself to stand one and equal as others but be seen in a way that is limiting myself and demeaning myself to be just a picture playing a role to get my energy addictions met as nice feelings.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not stand within this world with integrity where I stop all my desires and wants for my own self fufillment through energy by using myself as my physical body in flaunting it and pretending to be a persona that I am not as the sexy flirty girl. I realize that within this I am only trying to gain the feelings to make myself feel good when I realize that this feeling is limited in itself as it only last but a moment and thus has to continually be generated. Where as life I am here and thus need nothing to move me as I am fufilled here within the oneness and equality of all around me as we stand togther as one, and thus no need for characters or being sexy or flirting to get my needs met, but stand here within stability where I need nothing as I have everything.

I commit myself to stop the character of sexy flirt within and as a chase for others and stand here within myself as life and walk this process to be as life one and equal where nothing moves me but my own physical movement as the directive princple of myself.

I commit myself to walk in stopping my desires for men and using my self as my body within playing into a character to lure men in and use them so I can gain good feeling. I will to stop using myself as my phsyical and stand here equal to men as well as all life and walk what is best for all where I stop all desires of myself.

I commit to walk within writing all the characters I see within me that I play out to gain for myself in my own interest so thus I can stand here in equality with all with nothing to gain nor hide but be myself in expression as life.

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