Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 82- Men are Strong, Women are Weak Part 1- Self Commitment Statements

Walking the Self Commitment statements from the blog called Day 79- Men are Strong, Women are Weak - Part 1 to help support myself to stop the playout of living into a polarity within myself of fighting with myself where I try to be strong as what I desire and thus becoming more like a 'man', but living who I am physically as a 'female' and thus limiting myself within the confines of all these labels within and as what they hold behind it. Here I walk my correction, and thus will continue to open this point up more in later blogs.

Self Correction:

I commit myself stop participating within and as the polarity play out that men are to be strong and are more strong then females, and thus I commit to stop defining women weaker then males based on my memories of childhood of how my parents were and thus defining myself by the playout of the male/female dynamic as the strength of the family backbone by the male and the gentleness/weakness of the mothers care.

I commit myself to stop define strength within ones physical body and how one carries themselves in terms of if they are aggressive or not.

I commit myself to stop defining aggressive and forceful behavior as a strength and I commit to stop defining it as masculine trait.

I commit myself to stand one and equal with each being no matter who one is nor what gender one is and realize that they are not defined by the sex of them or by their expression but simply here to walk and live in what is here to walk and live in oneness and equality in what is best for all.

I commit myself to stop defining men within a superiority point in comparison to women based on the media and my perception of what I see within the outlets of this world as I realize and see that life is equal and thus we as defining ourselves as gender have got to equalize ourselves to walk in fact one with all life.

I commit myself to walk with all life here in oneness and equality and stop my ideas and perception of what men should be as strong based on the points played in society such as men are strong, and stand within myself  as life in real strength which is living equal with all in the ways and means of bringing about a world that is best for all.

I commit to stop define life by our gender roles.

I commit myself to stop defining men by my idea of them as strong and walk as equal as who we are here also in practical solutions.

I commit myself to stop pushing myself to be like a male as I stop my idea that to succeed in this world you have to be strong and thus I stop pushing to be more masculine to try and show that I am strong.

I commit to live my expression in breath as who I am and stop my projections from my ideas of who I am from the illusions that is mind and past.

I commit to stop competing with other life to show I am strong and thus become humble and push to walk in equality.

I commit myself to stop the idea that I must win to be the best and thus push to be strong physically to attain this through sports.

I commit to stop living in to the polarity playout of strong/weak and stop judging men and women by this limitation and stand equal in freedom through stop the thoughts of separation.

I commit to stop judging and having ideas about the physical and thus walk here in oneness with all life as who we are as the physical itself no judgment just acceptance as life.

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