Sunday, January 22, 2017

Eqafe Hangout: Atlanteans - The First Encounter with Anu - Day 541

My Guest: Marlen Vargas Del Razo

"In this Twenty-first interview, the Atlantean-female shares the First Moment/First Contact with Anu’s Presence within Atlantis and how the Atlanteans experienced that first moment of contact with Anu’s presence, as well as sharing why and how the Atlanteans were not Aware of what Anu was in the process of doing as Enslaving existence and only became aware of it when it was too late…"

In this live hangout event, Marlen and I will be discussing the above interview from We will discuss our history, the races that existed before humans and earth existed, and yes you read that right, we will be discussing pre-human existence as it was in the interdimensional existence of this universe. Who was Anu, and how we did he become God of this world/existence.

Also, our personal realizations within this recording through different understandings that came through, we are much more then we ever thought possible, this a discussion and glimpse to what is really here as ourselves.

This all for the creation and building of human beings becoming stewards of the earth, where we create a world that gives dignity and decency to all life through our self responsibility to stand as solutions and do what is best for all.

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