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Discipline – Re-Defining and Living Words – Day 522

 (I chose the fly as a picture of discipline because most see a pest and something that is to be killed as it's dirty, though if you study the actions of the bugs/animal kingdom you will see that they are extremely disciplined and live with integrity, yes even a fly observe life around you, you will see them as examples of how to live, I will write more on what I've learned from animals/bugs. There is much more to consider in this reality then meets the eye of the mind, life lives beyond the mind reality. For more on the animal kingdom and their purpose, please check out the link here.)
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Living Words – Discipline – Morning Routine – Self Forgiveness and Self Change - Day 521

For me discipline is something I can relate to, this based on project I enjoy doing or activities that I am good at. For instance, sports, I was able to be disciplined in sports because I thrived off of it, becoming better in my skills, and competing to be the best among my peers. I find that with things such as reading or focusing on doing a report or writing for my job or responsibilities, I am less enthused and inclined to push myself to move into the decision to be disciplined. This based on the idea I have created within the work environment as not as fun and not able to physically express like how I am able to in a sport.

So points I am seeing that I can align myself within to live this word discipline more wholesomely throughout my day and life is through redefining the way in which I see work and play so to speak and also how I can expand myself in these two areas within the word discipline to indeed succeed in creating myself in more and more areas as well as to become proficient within all activities I encounter to live this word discipline across the board. Make this word an application I can live in many different scenarios.

What is the purpose for me to be disciplined?

The purpose for me to become disciplined is to expand myself eventually with ease, where I use the word discipline as a bridge to move through the transition phase or learning phase of something I take on that is new or I am rusty in, and move into an extension of myself within what I take on to be able to perform in an efficient way as well as to reach my highest potential.

So words that I see also can be applied within living the word discipline in my life would be focus, precision, responsible, purpose, and within this, I can apply myself until the task at hand is no longer something I need to discipline myself within, but comes with a natural expression of wanting to create within it through pushing limitations and expanding myself the best I am able to.

My purpose then would be self expansion within the principle of doing what is best for all in self honest living application, I am always moving myself toward pushing the limit of myself and my environments to bring in the functioning of living in our best abilities and doing what is best for all within this. And here some more words that are coming up is patience because as I walk this process of perfecting my discipline application in many areas, this will take a lot of patience as I go through the ups and downs and find my way within it. As well as the extension of myself into my environment as I support others to become more disciplined as I have learned, I too have to live patience in these scenarios as they walk their process of discipline as well. So I would always want to be supportive for not only myself, but any others I may touch and are interested in expanding themselves in living words as well such as with the word discipline.

Dictionary Definition:
Discipline –
1.      Noun – a system of rules or method of practice.
2.      Noun – a branch of knowledge.
3.      Noun – training to improve strength or self control.
4.      Noun – the trait of being well behaved.
5.      Noun – the act of punishing.
6.      Verb – develop behavior by instruction and practice; especially to teach self – control.

Word Play:
Discipline –
Distinguishing a plan -
Disc – I – planned

Here I am seeing that the redefined word is a way for me to have a plan in place for each scenario I arrive in where I am looking to change a habit or put in more self control to change my behavior to be that which does what is best. So I will make a list of points I want to practice discipline in and within this continue this practice as more points come up.

For the morning routine:

I have been testing this point for about a month now, and found that I am tripping up on waking up super early, what I am going to change within this point is wake up within the 4-6 hour range where I am getting enough rest for my body, but not allowing the mind to infiltrate and permeate more of mind and physical body as it was programmed to due. This to support my physical body and stop the mind from continuing. So this is a step one where I can start to implement discipline in my morning routine, wake up between 4-6 hours of sleep. Once I have walked this for a week, I will expand myself within this, because as I start to reprogram myself to a new behavior, I will then start to naturally become it and will not need as much discipline in place or self will because now it’ll be an extension of me as I live it. From there I can continue to use the application of living the word discipline as having a distinguished plan to expand myself within the waking up routine in a form of self creation, so we will see what is to come.

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