Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Process So Far of Living Words – Day 518

I have been walking the process of living words for a bit of time now, I can’t put a number on it, but actively I have been walking it for the past many months. This actually is something that I have been doing for most of my life, living words, but not in a way of actively directing myself within it and making decisions as to when and how I will live words, it has more been automatic in what seemingly came natural to me or what I was good at. So let me start with sharing what living words means, this is when you decide to first find a pattern in your life that you want to change, for instance, becoming more disciplined. To live this word, first it is important to investigate all the scenarios of the word that you can see so you can understand yourself within it, though you will also be discovering and uncovering new ways to live the word as you go on living your life, so this process is ongoing one. It is quite something because you are creating yourself, expand more and more of yourself into and as your world.

I will walk a living word process with the word discipline to support with showing why I live words as well as how to do this, this always to expand myself and support myself to be better, and this always to create a world that is best for all. My goal is life and living in a way that is my highest potential and showing everyone else that we all can do this as well. Imagine a world where every human being is living there words in a way that is their highest potential, and they realize this is possible because they are in fact doing it themselves. So lots of potential we have, and this process I have found supports with living that out for each one who ventures into it, living words is a way to self create.

Within the word discipline there are areas in my life where I was already living this, in my work and also in my responsibilities towards others day to day, so I am living this word in some areas so I recognized in my life what this looks like in these specific scenarios. This is where I mentioned earlier that you will discover that many words are already being lived by yourself, we are living words anyway, what we think will eventually be lived. So it’s important it from self and based on a direct understanding of who you are within it. In this process, there is an emphasis on living words that will support with changing self to be my highest potential. This goal will eventually create a better version of who I am as I expand myself more and more in living words, such as the word discipline that I am going to expand myself within through this very process I am writing out. I have had trouble being disciplined when it comes to waking up in the morning and getting tasks done before work, this is something that I have been wanting to do, but I have been allowing the addiction to sleep sway me from living my potential in this area and be more productive during my early morning.

In this scenario with expanding myself in the area of my life where I am not disciplined in, getting out of bed early and getting tasks done before work, I will have to create and expand myself in the living of this word in this scenario. Here redefining the word is supportive, something that not many do I would say and within this process of redefining words, I use self forgiveness and self corrective statements to better understand the different dimensions of myself I have attached to the word discipline. For instance, I have attached the emotion of anxiety to the word discipline because I have a fear that I will not live up to this word and what I am desiring to be disciplined in, and so will fail. This causing me anxiety as I have assessed myself as someone who is able to be strong and move through all challenges, if I do not stand within the word discipline and do what it is I am wanting to do, but slack off and sleep in, I will have proven to myself that I am not disciplined and so this is something I resist showing to myself.

So as you see within investigating for just a moment, I have already uncovered three dimensions of this word discipline that is causing me to resist and so not push myself to in fact move out of the pattern of sleeping in and becoming productive before the work day starts.

In my next blog I will walk through the next step I have been doing in the processing of living words, through investigating the word within me and understanding who I am in relation to it, walking self forgiveness and self correction to live within this word, and then redefining the word to live in my life and beyond. I will be on the self forgiveness and self correction to the word discipline in the few dimensions that I spoke on above, thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.

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