Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Self Commitment Journal - Morning Routine - Day 520

I have been walking a process on the desteni forum on committing myself to waking up in the morning early and in those few hours before work or the start of the day, I instead of sleep become productive. I walk my ups and downs, and what realizations and change implementations I am using to walk this commitment into a living reality for myself. I will post the link here, and if you are inclined can check it out and hope to give support to anyone also facing this point in their lives. Thanks

Self Commitment Journal - Morning Routine 

Sites that are helpful:

Soul - School of Ultimate Living - Create yourself through Words!

Self Supportive Material -

Desteni-I-Process Lite Beginner course -

Forum support:

Desteni Wiki:

Eqafe Facebook Page:

7 year journey to life Facebook group:

DIP Lite on Facebook:

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