Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Eqafe Hangout: The Quantum Time Illusion - Day 519

"In this interview, Anu discusses the Nature of Energy within the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind – how and why he layered the energies equal-to and one with the dimensional-planes within Heaven/the Interdimensional existence. Within this he also gives perspectives as to Why “Quantum Time” is an “Illusion of Time” and what actual Real Time is within the context of this Physical Existence."

Discussing Reptilians - The Quantum Time Illusion - Part 11 

In this Discussion, my guests and I will share our experiences of what is energy and what is expression, what is the mind and why was it created in such a way that is destructive, and practical support to correct the mind within ourselves so we can live in our best potentials and capacities. Also, what in our lives and experiences have we related to what is shared in the interview and how we have supported ourselves to live the practical support to become stewards of the earth and support what is best for all life.
Enjoy and thanks for watching, any feedback is always welcome

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