Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Eqafe Hangout: Is What you See Real? - Day 504

In this hangout, we will be discussing the reptilians interview from eqafe.com "Is what you see real?":

Exploring the human mind in relation to how we physically see our reality and what in fact is real and what is our own projection and interpretation. Also, we will give support and assistance on how to align with your physical reality and see more directly and wholesomely through what was shared within the interview as well as our own understanding of it. This to continue to build and support ourselves to become stewards of the earth as well as ourselves in what is best. 

I will be joined by two guest who are currently walking a process of self change and living in a way that is best for all, so join in to see new ways of living and solutions that'll support a world where all have the ability to live in our utmost potentials. 

Interview With Sunette Spies, the Interdimensional Portal from Eqafe:

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