Saturday, October 31, 2015

Time and Process – Day 482

One of the sayings I have heard for a while and never really integrated was this one, “All of nature never rushes, yet the grass still grows, the tress still stand, the bees still buzz, everything get’s done in nature within the rhythm of nature itself”. I paraphrased that, though I am assuming the point is clear for this blog. What I have always resisted was to slow down enough based on the speed and movement of nature, which in essence is the movement of our physical breath. In and out, in and out, there is a rhythm to our breath, it is not fast nor is it slow, it is simply a movement of hereness I would call it. When you become aware of your breathing and stay focused on it, the mind stops and you suddenly hear all the earthly noises, the cars moving outside the window, the heat radiating through the vents, the stillness of the room, the birds chirping in the trees outside the window. There is so much going on here in breath that I have been missing because I am in my mind listening to the thoughts and the pace of thoughts and the mind movement which is fast, super fast.

The fear that exist within this seemingly ‘natural’ noise that occurs within the mind is that without the noise, what’ll happen? There is a belief of the uncertainty that without hearing the noise of thoughts and having the mind which is so familiar guide us and talk to us and think for us, we will be lost, we will not know how to function, we will not even know if we will live? Though, this breath is always here, no? I mean it is in fact keeping us alive, the mind doesn’t give us the breath of life, what that is, what gives us life is our physical body. Now, this is an important realization I have found that the physical body is equal to nature as they are both part of this earth, which is the physical existence itself. Nature and the physical body are both made up of the same organic material and they each have a breath of life within them. So this breath of life of the physical body is then equal as life of nature itself, we are in fact one and equal with nature itself based on the physical reality we live in. So that point of walking at the pace of the breath of life is in fact a rhythm we can all live within because just as nature does not rush, does not fret, does not react to it’s circumstances, but in fact lives and within that get’s everything done, this can also be applied to us human beings cause we are the same, we are physical, we are life, we are breath. We can get everything done if we walk as breath, in the mind this is not so easy.

I have found that I waste more time and energy when I rush in my mind as thoughts and emotions and fears, then when I am becoming aware of myself within what I am doing, being specific, applying myself in my breathing awareness. Life becomes more simple and more rhythmic when I am here, When I am in my mind, things become more chaotic, unclear, and more emotional, I am more apt to judge myself, to ridicule myself, and so this I will also do to others in my environment causing a seperation and a isolation that is suppressive and limiting. When I am in breath, there is an understanding to it because within myself I understand why and how I am doing something because I am in fact present with myself and the task as this breath awareness creates an awareness of the here moment, what is happening in reality, and so I am become more precise and create more perfection within reality. This breath awareness also creates an an accessiblity to see my mind move and how to stop it in moments because when you are here in breath you are moving slower, more precise, and with more presence, which counteracts the speed of the mind which is fast and filled with emotion. This takes time and patience as you walk the tools of self forgiveness, self honesty, and self correction, but if you stay committed and disciplined in this venture, you will align with breath and start to let go of the minds control and direct it as yourself.

I have always had a deep affinity and respect for nature and this was due to the fact of this aliveness, stillness, and gentleness that I was present within when I would stand within the middle of the forest, and witness that there is no force, there is no emotions, there is no conflict, no bickering, there is just hereness, living, and existing. So a realization to walk with is that time is not relevant within walking this process in the sense that it does not determine who you will be, moving faster then what it’ll take to walk a point will only in turn make the point extended and draw out cause of not being here in breath and so missing what is here and moments of opportunity to change. And so not being here where life is, but in my mind thinking about how I want things to move faster, there is a consequence and that is that you fuel the mind's illusions and miss yourself here as life. Breath is the key to being here where life is as the physical reality is what is real, the mind is illusion as it's based on dimensions within self, these we can't see or touch, but it certainly effects our day to day living. Walking the desteni i process has moved me within my daily application of it from mind chatter to breath awareness, it takes dedication and patience, though it is worth every moment. Enjoy your walk.

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